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Puhoi – Giving more than just caffeine

puhoi-iconYou see it every day, pretty much everywhere. People lined up for their morning ‘shot’ of coffee to give them that all-important ‘lift’ for the day.

And the latest stats suggest that a staggering 2 Billion cups of coffee are drank every day. Yikes, that’s a lot of caffeine!

But here’s a trailblazer in Puhoi, New Zealand named Darryll Hollamby. He runs Puhoi Coffee, a boutique roaster of great beans.

And Darryll’s coffee boasts more than wonderful flavour now. It gives. And you get it in a heartbeat in at least two ways

When you buy the coffee, you get it again.

When you get Darryll’s card:

and you turn it over:


You get it instantly once you’ve stopped trying to find the bean with the face (look on the bottom row about 40 % of the way along from the left-hand side): a child in Ethiopa gets access to clean water.

The coffee-drinkers get a ‘hit’ and kids get water. Pretty cool. You can see more on the Puhoi Coffee page at

And Puhoi only has a population of 1000 people — so they might like you to visit that page and at least give them a ‘YEAH, well done! Thank you for setting the trend’. Starbucks here we come.

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