Discover the 3 secrets that every long-lasting family business knows.

Majority of world’s longest-living companies are family owned businesses. Discover the specific principles they work with and how to incorporate them into your businesses so that you can…


create a sustainable, long-lasting business


foster stronger connections with your employees and networks


run a happier business and lead a happier life

Get access to the wisdom of thriving family businesses today and transform your business. For good.

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About the Author


Masami Sato is a social entrepreneur, CEO and founder of the global giving initiative, B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1), and author of three books: ‘JOY’, ‘ONE’ and ‘GIVING BUSINESS’. She is also a mother of two children and is a two-time TEDx speaker.

Masami’s unique insights and methodologies are cultivated from the mixture of her Japanese heritage and her diverse experiences traveling around the world, working in many different industries and countries. Her keen interest and appreciation for different philosophies, concepts and ideologies of our world combined with her practical business experience have helped form the innovative ways B1G1 allows businesses and individuals to give and impact lives today.

About Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1)

B1G1 is a global giving initiative that gives small businesses the power to change lives. We aim to create a world full of giving by harnessing the Power of Small. Already over 1,800 businesses and individuals working with B1G1 have created more than 84 million giving impacts through small, regular contributions to the B1G1 projects.

Discover the 3 secrets that
every long-lasting family business knows.