Choose from a list of causes that we have personally screened to ensure your
contributions make the greatest impact possible.



Select from over 800 carefully screened, high-impact projects across various categories. You can simultaneously give to multiple projects. Because your membership fee directly funds B1G1’s developments and operations, 100% of your giving goes directly to the projects you choose.


B1G1 works with over 50 Worthy Causes around the world to bring you the highest-impact projects to support. You automatically receive the latest news, pictures and videos from the projects you support straight into your B1G1 account. You’ll receive updates from each project at least once a quarter.

You can also see videos and stories of Worthy Cause beneficiaries on our youtube channel and blog.


All B1G1 projects are directly in support of each of the 17 SDG goals set by global leaders to create a sustainable future for us all.

You can sort and view B1G1 projects according to their SDG classification by using the Advanced Search filter on the B1G1 project list. We also help you track the exact impacts created collectively in line with the SDGs.

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Let Your Team Make a Difference

Get your team involved by choosing projects that resonate and inspire them.

Involve Others in Your Giving Campaigns

Invite others to give to your favourite causes and expand your impact.

What are the SDGs?

On 25 September 2015, world leaders convened to adopt the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They represent the global community’s next step in ending poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and tackling climate change for the next 15 years. Here at B1G1, we feel motivated by the SDGs too. There is now a greater call for businesses to give back and we’re excited to see how B1G1 Members can incorporate the SDGs in their business.

The 17 SDGs have also provided us with a fresh way of looking at our Worthy Cause projects. If you have been giving through B1G1, you’d know that we normally categorise our projects in 8 main impact categories such as ‘Education’ and ‘Environment’. With the SDGs, we realised that there is even more that we can do. Our new revised categorisation method allows you to discover causes that are close to your heart in the global context.


Engage with your networks in new and meaningful ways.