B1G1 makes it so easy for you to share the impacts you create with your team and customers. And that’s not al, you can also easily express your gratitude to those who make it possible.

Share your giving impacts on your website and express gratitude to your clients through Gratitude Certificates.


Every time you give through B1G1, the impacts you create are automatically counted and updated live on your impact counter widget. These widgets are embeddable on your website, making it very easy for you to share the impacts of your giving on your giving.

But B1G1 members have always taken it one step further, to not only showcase their impacts but also their belief as a business, the compassion they feel, and the joy they experience through their giving through what we called ‘Impact Page’.


Gratitude Certificates in B1G1 are emails or letters that you can send out to your customers, business partners, employees, your family or whoever else you would like to thank.

Giving Gratitude Certificates to your customers is a great way to share the story of your giving, and to thank and delight your customers in a very different way.

There are a variety of Gratitude Certificate templates available, showcasing different causes and messages. Certificates are fully customizable to suit your company and giving story. You can edit the contents of the certificate directly within your browser and choose to either print it or send it via email.


Simply answer a few questions and we’ll curate a FREE tailored Giving Plan for you. Your B1G1 Giving Plan opens up totally new perspectives and insights for you. You’ll find that the tailored-to-you plan helps you avoid the traps that many businesses fall into. You’ll also discover high-impact projects that really make a difference, as well as some personalised tips to make your giving easier than ever.

How are Giving Impacts tracked through B1G1?


Every project listed on B1G1 is broken down into its smallest quantifiable impact. We divide the total cost of the project (e.g. building a well) by the number of people it can serve as well as the total years it can last, to derive the cost per giving impact (e.g. $0.01 to give 1 person access to clean water for 1 day).

B1G1 only works with causes that have been running the same activities for at least 3 years, with good track record and clear financial statistics. We review and verify the organisations’ activities annually to be confident in the regular delivery of specified activities without spending excessive time and resources on due diligence. You can learn more about this process here.


B1G1 is the global giving initiative that makes it meaningful, powerful and deeply connecting for businesses to give. With more than 10 years of continuous innovation, we’ve made more than 180 million giving impacts together with businesses who proudly belong to the movement.

Your effective giving is also ensured by the unique membership model enabling B1G1 to always pass on 100% of your giving to 400+ carefully selected projects around the world, making sure every cent makes an impact.

You can simply find out more here to see if adding impactful giving to your business is right for you too.