Share your giving impacts with your customers and clients to
connect with them more deeply.



Giving Gratitude Certificates to your customers is a great way to share the story of your giving, and to thank and delight your customers in a very different way.

There are a variety of Gratitude Certificate templates available, showcasing different causes and messages. Certificates are fully customizable to suit your company and giving story. You can edit the contents of the certificate directly within your browser and choose to either print it or send it via email.


There are a variety of B1G1 widgets that you can choose to easily embed on your site (just like how you embed a Youtube video). These include your personal impact counter that tracks all your giving impacts, the Business for Good map that shows all the impacts you create in the world, the community impact widget, and much more.

When you share what you are doing, there is a greater chance of more people being intrigued and inspired to join the giving movement too!


Track Your Impact

Share your giving impacts in real time through widgets and interactive maps.

Be a Part of Unique Events

Take team members on inspirational study tours and conferences. Let them rub shoulders with like-minded professionals who believe in positive change.

Select Causes that Resonate

Choose from a list of causes that we have personally screened to ensure your contributions make the greatest impact possible.

Give Easily with Giving Stories

Link everything you do in business to a cause and give easily on the go.

How do we Ensure that 100% is Passed to the Causes?


When you make online payments, the payment gateway takes a percentage as processing fee. Since every cent creates great impact in B1G1, we don’t want even a cent to be wasted. To solve this challenge, B1G1 tops up your contributions to cover the cost of this processing fee.

We are very proud to be doing this. But if you do have a suggestion for a sponsor to help fund this, please let us know so that we can continue to pass on 100% of your giving to the great projects listed on B1G1.

Understandably, it would cause a problem to organisations if we sent many small transactions. That’s why we amalgamate all your givings for one month and send the accumulated sum to the organisations just once a month with clear breakdowns of all the giving activities.


Engage with your networks in new and meaningful ways.