Stories Behind Your Giving

B1G1 was created to provide you with a meaningful way to give. And in order to do so continuously, we carefully select and review a wide range of high-impact projects from around the world. But there is much more to this process. And behind each project, there are countless personal stories.

So, to give some of our members opportunities to actually experience and understand this, we host special Study Tours annually to selected countries. Please watch this 2 minute video to grasp the significance of the impact you are helping to create by supporting B1G1 projects. We hope each beneficiary of your giving, like this young lady in the video, will become a great contributor to make a difference too.

Learn more about the impact of your giving

Here are some additional ways to find out even more about the impacts you are creating.

B1G1 Study Tour

Come on an upcoming Study Tour.

Want to experience the real impact behind the scenes? Join us on the upcoming Study Tour. Click here to find out more.

Take a look at the Impact Report.

Read the B1G1 Impact Report to gain a new level of understanding of the power of this initiative.

Impact On The Ground…

Watch this series of videos showcasing the real impact of projects through B1G1. Meet the people behind these great projects.


Much more than handing out

We admire the way our Philanthropic Partners around the world are designing and implementing activities that uplift the livelihood of the people in their communities.

In some cases, just handing out aid alone can create a sense of dependency and have other unintended consequences. But there are also resources needed to ensure the basic well-being of people to enable real long-term change. For example, if there is no clean water to drink and people are constantly getting sick, education alone cannot help them get out of poverty. Charitable giving has an important balance to strike, to really ensure efficacy.

By combining both approaches – providing the resources that are really needed AND providing the tools, knowledge and skills to empower people, B1G1 projects are gradually developing the capabilities of communities around the world.

Thank you for making it all happen with your regular giving!

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