Hi. Thank you for connecting with me by visiting this page.

It was lovely meeting you at the recent event. And I’m grateful that you resonated with B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) and the ideas and behind this initiative.

After the event, many people came to me offering encouraging words and support. Some talked about their wonderful ideas too. So I wanted to capture your goodwill in the best way possible on this specially created page so that we really can do something great together.

3 possible ways we might get connected

Here are 3 ways you might want to connect with me and with the B1G1 initiative. Please explore each of the possibilities a little more and then let me know what your thoughts are by filling in the simple connection form you can access below.

1. You want to consider incorporating B1G1 into your business

You are inspired. And you resonate with the idea that every business has the power to touch and transform lives for good. You want to find out more about how you can do that with B1G1 as part of your business.

2. You want to offer other support for the initiative

You have special skills, connections or expertise to offer. You are willing to support the initiative and help create an even greater impact together.

3. You want to introduce the idea to the people you know

You want to help spread the message. You want to introduce B1G1 to your network through your events, Social Network, publications or simply through word of mouth.

So now, please tell me more about you and what you want to do

To do that, just click on the button below and fill in the simple questionnaire. I really appreciate the time you are taking to tell me more about you.

I met so many lovely people at this event and so it’s difficult to remember precisely who I spoke to!! It all happened so fast as well. So please take this is an opportunity for me to learn more about you and see how we can work together.


Thank you! :)


P.S. You can explore a little more below too.

A little more about B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1)

B1G1 works with small to medium-scale businesses like yours to create a world that’s full of giving. It does so by empowering those businesses to create their own unique Giving Stories.

For example:
Imagine if every time a cafe sold a cup of coffee, a child received access to life-saving water. Or imagine if every time someone saw a doctor, a person in need received medical care. Or imagine if every time an author sold a book, a tree got planted….

The world of B1G1 is full of life-changing stories. And the businesses working with B1G1 have already created more than 69 million giving impacts. Imagine the 69 million smiles. And now, your business can be part of it too!

Click here to visit B1G1’s main website.

More about me and my journey…

If you were inspired by what you heard at the event and want to learn more, you might enjoy this 18 minute video called, “The Beginning of Small’.

In this video, I share a very personal and intimate story about my own initial struggles as a business owner and how we overcame the challenges and how (and why) we founded B1G1. I hope you will find your own business journey even more enjoyable and meaningful as you discover ‘The Power of Small‘.

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