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This…is TNN

tnn_iconWe first met Tin Hua of Australia’s TNN Engineering when he came to a program hosted by B1G1 Partner, Jon Mailer at National College of Business.

He ‘got’ B1G1 instantly. As Tin put it recently when he and his wife Linda were visiting B1G1 projects in Bali and Borneo “At the time, our company was looking for balance and purpose in what we do. We make a lot of parts for mining equipment and we wanted to leave a more significant legacy than helping dig holes in the ground.”

The B1G1 Study Tour was a great time to connect with Tin and Linda and they too connected even more deeply with B1G1. They even made the B1G1 Tour videos and they made them incredibly well. (B1G1 Tour Borneo and B1G1 Tour Bali) The experience was important for them both.

“In Borneo and Bali we saw that the giving that we do through B1G1 is very highly leveraged. The organisations they choose seem to be able to do so much with the little that they’re given. Being able to plant trees, rehabilitate the land, not just the nuts and bolts of doing it, but education, things that will make a big difference long-term.”

tin-linda22TNN Engineering also likes the fact that they can easily pick and choose causes that they can relate to.

Tin comments: “It’s difficult to find projects that have a direct relationship with engineering and manufacturing, so we tend to choose projects that align with our core values. One of those values is: ‘More with Less’”.

“We also believe in training and personal development and progress”, he adds. “The projects we like to contribute to involve training and education which allow people to develop skills that they can use to improve their lives, micro financing to enable people to build businesses, and the provision of meals and clean water.”

TNN Engineering doesn’t overtly use B1G1 so much as a marketing tool. But the subject does come up when the company is approached for other contributions. “We find that we talk about B1G1 when we are approached by other charities”, Tin explains. “It’s nice to be able to show them how we are giving, and the impact we make, without the guilt and the pressure that charities sometimes put on you.”

tin-linda4Tin remembers well what he saw in Bali, where B1G1 and the John Fawcett Foundation’s Saving Sight program help hundreds of poor people see, for free, at a mobile hospital by removing their cataracts. “It’s really amazing that they’re able to give people sight,” he told us. “And they’re able to give people eyeglasses for free, which makes such a huge difference in their lives. Not just the patients, but the people around them too, the people who support them.”

“We are in the business of manufacturing, and while we are making things, it is amazing to see the impact we are having on thousands of people all over the world. Even when business is patchy and difficult and our giving may seem small, I am always inspired by what our regular giving through B1G1 achieves.”