When you are part of B1G1, your projects will have a chance to receive additional funds from the global business community. We want to enable you and your team to focus more on creating greater impacts with your work.

Your principal obligation in this partnership is to apply the donated funds to the intended projects within three to six months of your receipt of the funds (exceptions may be granted in special circumstances – please let us know if you require more time). We’d also love you to regularly share with us any updates about your projects and new pictures and resources.

To ensure that contributions received through B1G1 can always fulfil the intended project activities, we also ask you to review your projects and the associated costs at least annually. If you want to list new projects (that you have been working on more than 2-3 years already), you can contact us any time.

The B1G1 Giving Board reviews the status of each Worthy Cause annually to confirm effectiveness and integrity. So, prompt submission of your annual report and financial statements after the end of your financial year is highly appreciated.

Your Worthy Cause Partnership will be renewed annually as long as these annual reviews are completed satisfactory and your projects are receiving enough support.*

* Minimum amount we expect that you raise is SG$3,000 per year (approx. US$2,200). And we hope that your projects will receive much more support from the B1G1 community.

One of the special reasons businesses give through B1G1 is the tangible IMPACT they can help create with even a small amount of money.

Here is an example of a project on B1G1,


Elements of a project that would attract more support on B1G1:

#1 Project Title is concise and clear
  • Uses fewer than 10 words.
  • Starts with a VERB. (e.g. ‘Give access to clean water’ – this is for a system consistency purpose).
  • Focuses on an impact key word or beneficiary or both (e.g. water, tree, book, child, woman, etc.)
  • Variations of the words included in the title and descriptions can be listed in the keyword field for the project so the project can come up on the search even if the exact word is not used in the project title or description (for example, child and children, foot and feet, give and contribute, etc.) Avoid including different words that have different meaning. Key words should be separated by commas.
  • Does not have to specify the quantity or time period if it is grouped. The same title should apply to all projects within a group.

#2 Project description conveys how this project creates great impact

  • Uses fewer than 400 characters (approx. 80 words).
  • Specifies the quantity of impact (how many people, how many days) to give very clear visibility of the impact created through the project. And this must be visible in the first or second paragraph.
  • Converts the activity into a beneficiary focused project where possible (instead of ‘Pay the salary for one teacher’, list ‘Help educate a child’.)
  • Mentions why this project is very important or unique.

 #3 Project image is relevant, high quality and preferably joyful :)
  • Image relates to the project title
  • Image is at least 1000 pixels wide or tall

#4 Project cost is preferably lower than US$10
  • Break down the cost into different units (support per day, per month, per year, help one person, help a family, help a whole community, etc.)
  • The smallest unit should be less than $10 UNLESS it is a unique project that cannot be broken down without losing the essence of the project (e.g. ‘Give a cataract operation’)
  • List larger cost projects as variations of smaller cost projects and group them where possible.
  • Projects are to be grouped if there are different cost variations for the same activity.


Other tips and conditions:
  • If your organisation has projects in multiple countries, list the ones in countries where we have fewer other projects and avoid listing similar projects in the countries where there are competitors.
  • The cost listed on the site must be approx. 10% higher than the actual cost of the project so that we can make sure you receive enough funds to deliver the promised activity after international bank transfer charges and possible currency conversion loss is covered.
  • The project needs to be something that your organisation is already doing regularly. We do not list projects that your organisation intend to do only after enough funding is raised (i.e., a wishlist).


If you need any help with your project, do get in touch with us at [email protected].


Remittances of contributions to Worthy Causes are done once a month (towards the end of each month). All giving contributions are first accumulated in B1G1 Giving’s bank account. When the total contributions towards a Worthy Cause reaches a minimum of SG$500, the Worthy Cause gets added to the month’s remittance list. The reason we wait for an accumulation of at least SG$500 in funds is to ensure that fixed bank transfer fees are not wasted on small remittances.

All remittances are done in Singapore Dollars, unless specifically requested and approved. B1G1 Giving, our internal organisation that manages all contributions, is registered and located in Singapore. To ensure the consistency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of the fund management, all contributions made on our website are converted into Singapore dollars using the latest currency rates.

B1G1 fully remits 100% of the amount to you even topping up the credit card processing fees charged by the bank. We ensure that we are accountable for every dollar and cent to help your organisation achieve more. When you receive the remittance, the amount will be automatically converted into your own currency by your local bank (conversion rates vary depending on the bank you are using).

Every remittance will be accompanied by a remittance advice that details the distribution of the contributions to the respective projects you have listed. Acknowledging the advice gives your confirmation that the funds will be distributed according to the breakdown summarised on the advice.

View example of a remittance advice here.


To protect the privacy of B1G1 Members and Partners and keep things simple, you will not receive donor contact details and you are not allowed to contact donors directly. However, B1G1 ensures that all donors supporting your projects will receive acknowledgement and information about the project. You will also receive statements for the clear breakdown of all contributions. Please update us when you have any changes, new pictures or other resources. If a donor requests additional information about you, we’ll facilitate the communication process.


As a general expectation, all Worthy Cause Partners are required to provide an update on their listed projects at least once every quarter (4 times a year). Our business members would have the permission to use the stories and images provided in the updates provided for their business marketing purposes. If you have any questions, do let reach out to us at [email protected]. The project updates can be submitted on this link: https://www.b1g1.com/businessforgood/wc-add-updates/


After an approved Worthy Cause has been listed on the B1G1 website for at least one full year, the Worthy Cause is subject to our Annual Review process. The primary purpose of this review is to confirm that the Worthy Cause is still operating effectively, appears to be following appropriate governance practices (such as filing audited financial statements), and has not been the subject of material adverse publicity. The review also provides an opportunity to evaluate how well a Worthy Cause is doing as a member of the broader B1G1 community – e.g., is it receiving contributions, is it responsive to our communications, and so on.

All Worthy Cause Partners are reviewed annually and are expected to meet these criteria to renew:

  • Able to provide latest annual report and audited financial statement
  • Acknowledges remittance promptly
  • Website is updated
  • Program scope has not changed
  • Does not have negative Google search results (on the organisation, staff or Board members) without a satisfactory explanation
  • Communication turnaround <7 days
  • Activities are not associated with evangelism
  • Has raised more than SG$3,000 in the last year
  • Provided regular project updates (minimum 4 times in the last year)

B1G1 facilitates one Study Tour each year, taking a group of B1G1 Businesses (donors) to visit various projects in a specific country. If your projects are located in a city/country where accepting a group of visitors is feasible, B1G1 might one day come to visit your organisation too. This can be a great opportunity for your projects to attract extra awareness and support. If you are specifically keen to host a group, please let us know. For more information about B1G1 Study Tours, please click here.

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