B1G1 Worthy Cause Program

A new way to attract lasting support for your great projects

B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) exists to establish a new way of giving model where impactful charity organisations (what we call “Worthy Causes”) are supported regularly by businesses and individuals around the world to deliver their life-changing activities in a more sustainable way.

Many of our Worthy Cause Partners we work with are smaller close-to-the-ground organisations that are achieving great results. We choose our partners based on their effectiveness, transparency and sustainability, not for the charity brand.

To become a B1G1 Worthy Cause Partner, your organisation is required to meet the strict criteria, however, there is no cost to you to participate in the program. B1G1 also tops up the Credit Card/PayPal processing fees so that 100% of what people give can be forwarded to and applied directly to your projects.

B1G1 helps you and your team focus more on your core activities, impacting lives every day.

Benefits of the B1G1 Worthy Cause Program

✔ Additional regular support for your projects

✔ No cost for organisations to participate in the program
(in exchange, we require regular project updates and timely communication)

✔ 100% of what B1G1 receives is passed on to the respective B1G1 Worthy Causes

B1G1’s Unique Business Model

B1G1’s giving model employs three unique core values that differentiate it from any other giving initiatives.

IMPACT: We make it possible for even small businesses and individuals to create great and tangible impact while making sure 100% of everyone’s giving is passed on to the projects selected through transparent processes.

HABIT: We help people create a lasting giving habit, making it easy to incorporate giving in their everyday business and lifestyle activities.

CONNECTION: We provide tools and resources that create a deeper sense of connection among people and businesses.

And to enable businesses and individuals to give back effectively while creating these three things, B1G1 currently runs a business membership program to fund its operations.

Examples of B1G1 Worthy Cause Projects

Here are some of the examples of the Worthy Cause Projects listed on B1G1. To list your projects on B1G1, you will need to come up with clear costing and the resulting impacts. Our team will help you break down the projects in smallest units.

We are actively looking for projects in..

We are looking at growing our Worthy Cause project listing to create and maintain the right balance for maximum impact. If you have or know of projects in the countries/region highlighted in yellow or orange, do refer them to us!

We are also actively looking for projects that are focusing on marine and environmental conservation.


*The countries highlighted in red are India and Cambodia. We currently have a high number of projects in these countries and are not looking to expand the list unless the projects are unique to our existing projects list.

Program Criteria

To ensure the most efficient giving, B1G1 only works with approved charities/NGOs that meet our unique criteria. We seek to be as transparent as we can in our operations. To that end, we have published below the criteria considered by the B1G1 Giving Board in reviewing applications. For more information, please view our terms.

Level 1 Criteria

The Board expects that each Worthy Cause applicant will meet all or virtually all of the following requirements:

  • has registered charity status at least in one country (verified by current paperwork)
  • is authorised to receive international funding/donations
  • can supply audited accounts for the previous 2 fiscal years
  • can supply latest Annual Report
  • is operating efficiently to deliver the benefits and services it provides*
  • has a website with up-to-date information
  • has been registered and operating at least 3 years, with a preference for organisations that are at least 5 years old
  • can typically provide communications turnaround of less than 7 working days
  • has activities that are tangible for B1G1 donors, with clear costing data available so that projects can be broken down into small units (for example, a Worthy Cause might be able to say, “We provide a family in Malawi with clean water for one day, for USD $0.05”)
  • activities are not associated with the purpose of spreading a specific religion (B1G1 works with organisations with all background in an inclusive manner, however, it does not support the promotion of a specific religion as a Worthy Cause project).
  • can communicate efficiently in English
* Because some organisations deliver services which demand substantial staffing, we expect that administrative expenses will vary greatly among organisations. We examine this factor on a case-by-case basis, in light of your size and the type of services you provide, and make an independent judgment about the level of support that goes to program delivery. Nevertheless, an organization with administrative and fundraising costs that exceed 20% of its total costs would bear a burden of justification in the Board’s review. In most cases, we would expect such costs to be below that level.
Level 2 Criteria

In addition to the Level 1 criteria, the Board will tend to favour a Worthy Cause applicant that meets one or more of the following additional criteria:

  • operates in a country where not many other B1G1 Worthy Causes are active
  • has or can obtain Tax relief status in countries where B1G1 donors operate**
  • has active information distribution (such as newsletters, videos, great website, blogs)
  • is able and willing to provide additional resources to B1G1 and donors (high quality pictures, stories, acknowledgment, etc.)
  • is willing to help facilitate potential visits from B1G1 and donors
  • has the endorsement of one or more B1G1 Business Members or Partners
** Although Australia, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand currently figure most prominently as the locations of B1G1 Members, we have Members from a variety of other countries as well.

These conditions are reviewed and updated periodically.

Apply to become a B1G1 Worthy Cause Partner

B1G1 understands the importance for continuous funding in order for organisations like you to deliver programs that truly impact the beneficiaries. We are glad to be able to fund these projects with the help of our business partners.

The flowchart below summarises the way B1G1 works with the Worthy Cause Partners.

View the Worthy Cause Program Terms & Conditions here.

If you’d like to apply for the program and your organisation meets our program criteria, download the Worthy Cause questionnaire and return it to us at giving@b1g1.com with these documents:

✔ Charity Registration Certificate
✔ Latest 2 years of Audited Accounts (Signed copies with the Independent Auditor’s Report attached)
✔ Latest Annual Report

If you are not representing a charity organisation but want to recommend your favourite organisation to us, please introduce them to this page and they can directly contact us after reviewing the application criteria on this page.

Thank you for your support and interest!

Have questions? View our FAQ section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions
      • How long does the application process takes?
        As all applications are assessed by the B1G1 Giving Board during our quarterly Board Meetings, this depends on the next nearest Board Meeting date when the application is submitted. Once an application is approved by the B1G1 Giving Board, the financial review will take no more than 2 weeks.


      • If approved, what do we need to do to maintain our partnership with B1G1?
        What is most important is timely communication. On a regular basis, we hope our Worthy Cause Partners are able to provide project updates and acknowledge monthly remittances promptly. We also hope to work closely with our Worthy Cause Partners to promote their projects and maintain the accuracy of their projects list. All B1G1 Worthy Cause Partners are subjected to an annual review by the B1G1 Giving Board. During this review, we assess several factors such as communication turnaround and project success. Should an organisation fail the annual review, it will be removed from B1G1’s project list.


      • Can we still apply if we do not have 2 years of audited accounts?
        We do understand that the Charity Act in some countries do not require organisations to have their financial accounts audited based on certain criteria. If this is the case for you, we require the financial accounts to be at least reviewed/verified by an independent examiner.


      • What type of projects can we list on B1G1?
        You can list any type of different projects. However, a project you list on B1G1 needs to be one of your main regular activities. You cannot list a project that you are planning to work on since we have a responsibility to fulfil our promise regardless of the amount of funds actually raised for the project. We have also found that it’s most meaningful for our members if your programs are broken down into discrete units that people can support. For example, you might break down a child feeding programme into 3 separate impact levels on B1G1 – the amount needed to feed a child for a month, for a week, and for a single day (or a single meal). Listing projects in this way makes them much more concrete and real for our members, and helps to encourage contributions.


      • How are the donations transferred to your Worthy Cause Partners?
        B1G1 transfers 100% of the contribution received to individual Worthy Cause Partners on 20th of every month (or within 5 working days if 20th falls on a weekend). If the accumulated contribution amount for the Worthy Cause Partner does not reach the minimum remittance amount (> SG$500), the remittance will be rolled over to the following month to minimise the cost.


      • What currency is the remittance in?
        It is in Singapore dollars (SGD). B1G1 Giving, which manages all contributions, is registered and located in Singapore. And to ensure the consistency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of the fund management, all contributions made on our website are converted in Singapore dollars using the latest currency rates. B1G1 fully remits 100% of the amount to Worthy Cause Partners, even topping up the transaction fees charged by PayPal. We make sure that we are accountable for every dollar and cent to help our Worthy Cause Partners achieve more. When our Worthy Cause Partners receive the remittance, it will be automatically converted into their own currency by their local bank (the conversion rates varies depending on the bank they are using).


      • Will we be able to communicate directly with the donors?
        To protect the privacy of B1G1 Members and Partners and keep things simple, we have recently revised our communication processes. This means that Worthy Cause Partners do not receive donors contact details and they are no longer allowed to contact donors directly. However, B1G1 ensures that all the donors supporting your projects receive acknowledgement and information about the project. You will also receive statements for the clear breakdown of all contributions and you can access this information online any time. And if any donor requests additional information from our Worthy Cause Partners, we’ll facilitate the communication.

Can’t find your answer here? Drop us an email at giving@b1g1.com.