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  • United Kingdom
  • 13 contributions since 21 Jun 2011
  • 38,561 micro-impacts created
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Bridgewater Latitude are a boutique consultancy. We provide quality change programmes and training which are designed to suit your needs. ... More >

Bridgewater Latitude has created 38,561 Direct Giving Impacts to date.More >

  • 36,425 days of access to life-saving water were given to people around the world
  • 674 days of medical support were given to people in need
  • 302 square meters of rainforest was protected
  • 250 daily doses of vitamin supplements were given to people in need
  • 200 daily doses of vitamin supplements were given to pregnant mothers
  • 195 days of education program were given to people with special needs
  • 180 school meals were given to children in need
  • 112 days of education support were provided to disadvantaged children
  • 90 days of support were provided to Social Entrepreneurs in developing countries


    There is currently no Leveraged giving.

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