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Bridgewater Latitude
We’ve joined Buy 1 Give 1 so that every time you buy something we give something to someone really in need. Last Giving: 27/01/2013
Member Since: 21/06/2011
About the company:
Country: United Kingdom Phone: +44 7909 931 877
Industry: Consulting
              Coaching & Training
Website: www.bridgewaterlatitude.com
Bridgewater Latitude are a boutique consultancy. We provide quality change programmes and training which are designed to suit your needs.
Giving activities:
Supported causes:Bureau for Reconstruction and Development, UnLtd India
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Last giving activity:Provided 18 days of education support to disadvantaged children
Direct giving impact:38,561 beneficiaries impacted
Leveraged giving impact:- beneficiaries impacted
Leadership:Inspired 0 others to give
 Direct Giving Impact Summary (DGI):
Monthly Average:
  • 36,425 days of access to life-saving water were given to people around the world
  • 2,024
  • 674 days of medical support were given to people in need
  • 75
  • 302 square meters of rainforest was protected
  • 60
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     Leveraged Giving Impact Summary (LGI):