Giving even more

Adding power to a cause

Through the work we do at B1G1, we get connected to more and more Worthy Causes around the world. And as we do that, we learn more about the vital need for certain expertise in the NGO and charity world.

And we start to see parallels — while businesses sell products and services to generate revenues (meaning, to carry on being in business), Worthy Causes have to attract supporters to generate carry on too. And that has little to do with money in lots of ways — it has to do with being effective ‘connectors’ and communicators. And being great leaders too.

At B1G1, we’ve helped so many causes connect so much more effectively and efficiently. But there’s always more that can be done. So, if you think your company has some expertise to offer to Worthy Causes, please let us know and we’ll connect you to B1G1 Worthy Cause Partners who might be able to benefit from your own knowledge, connections and insights tremendously!

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