Giving insight

Giving insight


Inside B1G1 Businesses: What makes them tick?

Giving transforms businesses. In this on-going series of interviews, you'll hear what makes these businesses 'tick' and you'll hear about the difference B1G1 helps them make. HERE'S A SPECIAL NOTE THOUGH: you will need to wait a little for the recordings to load (you'll notice that has occurred when you see the 'player' box below each picture). Thank you for your patience!


Michael Foldi
Make A Difference Office Supplies

Here you’ll experience how a team really can come together when it has a great sense of purpose. Plus you’ll hear how courage to do something truly different brings enormous rewards.

Helen Campbell
Knox Audiology

How do you transform a ‘normal’ professional medical practice. Helen Campbell has the answer. And the moment she starts talking, you’ll get it. Take a note of Helen’s giving — it’s amazing what a small business can actually do.

Ron Prasad
Impetus Success Australia

You’re out of a job and you don’t even like what you were doing. What on earth could you do? Ron Prasad now coaches others on how to turn their lives into something greater than they imagined. And you’ll discover his greatest love too.

Ralph Hoey
World Youth International

In this recording, you get to find out what happens at the upcoming B1G1 Tour to Kenya in 2012.

Even if you are not joining on the tour, your will be inspired to hear what is happening on the ground.

And if you are interested in joining, just contact us or watch the video for the 2011 Tour.

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