JOY - The gift of acceptance, trust and love

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JOY is the book that started it all. When people first saw JOY they realised a brand new author had just ‘broken through’. There are very, very few books where you say within the first few pages, ‘this was written just for me right now’. That’s what happens as you read it and realise the gift inside JOY.

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" Masami's book JOY radiates the message of love,
which uplifts and enlightens our way "

Dr John F Demartini, the best selling author of Count Your Blessings


" This seemingly simplistic book is surprisingly deep, beautifully written,
and quite plainly a must read for absolutely everybody "

Lynn Santer, Best-selling author, Conservationist


" Masami Sato is a lady who walks her talk!
She is a walking/talking example of love and joy!
I highly recommend her book "

Willie Jolley, America's Premier Speaker - Singer - Author


" Discover some sacred words that inspire and resonate with your
higher greatness. Masami's words trigger awareness and understanding
at a celluar level, be prepared to shift, change and transform! "

Dave Rogers, Former President of Asia Professional Speakers


" Masami shares a wonderful gift with us in showing us who we truly are.
Every page is filled with joy and you cannot help
but feel joyful in reading it "

Lisa Frost, Photographer


" I was utterly enthralled and mesmerised by Masami’s words
and truly blessed to have received this magical gift.
My heart filled with love and my soul sang with joy as I read
this wonderful, inspirational book "

Karen Low, Coach Me Now!