ONE - Sharing the joy of giving

Make a difference as ONE

ONE takes you on a most remarkable and beautifully designed journey. You’ll go from a small village to a large city and along the way discover how things haven’t really changed at all. And you’ll discover your very own magic wand as you explore the role of giving in your life. And you’ll remember something many have forgotten along the journey. ONE is not just a book of treasures, it’s a book to absolutely treasure.

(hard cover coffee table book)

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" Masami has done it again!
She has captured the essence of what is really important and
what will make your world and this planet full of peace and harmony.
Those who learn this and live it are the happiest.
I hope millions of people read this book and apply the principles in it
so they can maximize the joy available to them "

Jack M. Zufelt, Author of the #1 Best selling book, The DNA of Success


" All for one and one for all. Congratulations "

Dr John F Demartini, the best selling author of Count Your Blessings


" Too often lifestyles, attitudes, and assumptions are just handed to us,
without much encouragement to think about things from a new perspective.
Masami Sato's new book ONE is a reminder to us all about important
connections to ourselves, to each other, and to our world "

William Reed, the best selling author of Mind Mapping for Memory and Creativity


" When I was younger, I believed that thoughts and visions needed to be full
and detailed to have value. How refreshing then to read her story of the village, and the simplicity of giving and receiving. 
I highly recommend this book to all "

Derek W Youngs, Peacewalker


" ONE clearly illustrates why giving and receiving cannot be done independently of each other "

Ursula Segalla, Director, Proofing It!


" I have just read the magical and powerful ONE.... magical and powerful because I know to reread it again and again to savour the story behind the story,  the truth behind the words and the spiritual whole connection for me "

Rick Goddard, International Executive Master Trainer