Giving Goats

Raquel Welch and (giving) Goats

I have to be careful with this for several reasons:

* It involves an icon and

* It involves goats.

And, call me insensitive, but it’s given me a huge chuckle this afternoon. Let me explain why ....

We heard, from one of our female clients I hasten to add before I get accused of sexism, about Raquel Welch’s recent appearance on Oprah. Here’s an edited version of the email that came in after we’d recorded the Simon Sinek (Start with WHY) interview — you can catch that here by the way.

Such a simple concept. Glaringly simple, yet overlooked in most businesses. To have a bigger cause pulls EVERYTHING have a WHY energises it ALL. And the bigger the WHY the better.

And the more you put your shoulder into the WHY....the more it will give back.

I have been part of a global women’s telecall series just to see where ‘evolutionary women’ sit....but there is still so much “beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, evolutionary deepening, transformational, enlightening, powerful, contribution” going on...that part of me still wants to stick my fingers down my throat. And scream. Not very enlightened I know....but for <Goodness> sake, can we get moving please?

Simon Sinek can just blow all of that away. Simply ask why, then get off your bums and DO something. 

I’ve also just watched 69-year old Raquel Welch on Oprah, plumped, buffed and teeth whitened to perfection talking about the joys of menopause and seeing the light...commmooooon!!!

I don’t care how white your teeth are Raquel...did YOU buy a goat today?

It’s Ok book is coming together.



It’s that second to last line that really got me: ‘I don’t care how white your teeth are Raquel...did YOU buy a goat today?’

And by the way, the goat refers to one of the most popular giving ‘sequences’ on B1G1 — buying (or more usually, linking products and services to buying) a goat to provide sustainable income for a year to families in Kenya — and all for US$12 (see much more on that here).

But you get the point don’t you? We do tend to take a lot of time analysing, talking, preening, wondering rather than doing stuff. I remember an old mentor of mine, Tom Peters, advising me and others that the secret was: Ready, Fire, Aim. Or as Nike have been saying for longer than you and I can most likely remember: Just DO it!

Or, for a more studied approach, read Leon Kaye's piece on Triple Pundit talking about 'too many thinkers, not enough doers' with links into Auden Schendler's great Harvard Business Review piece making the point that 'a pre-occupation with fame is actually hindering the work necessary to tackle problems'.

Or, if you like, go back to John Ruskin, the 19th century English essayist. He put it this way, "What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do."

'Just DOING it' or 'Ready, Fire, Aim' is, I think, is the fun part of it all — just doing stuff that’s consistent with your why.

And as my correspondent added in a subsequent email:

Well.....if we don’t bring humour to it all...we’ll die of botoxed boredom. I’d rather be wrinkly, luscious, soft bellied and real any day. Polished to perfection is hard to maintain.

And I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait for that book that’s on its way!