Worthy Cause Criteria

Becoming a B1G1 Worthy Cause


B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) works hard to ensure that the Worthy Causes we select are approved charities, efficiently delivering effective programs to their beneficiaries.

As part of this process, we ask each Worthy Cause applicant to provide us with a variety of important information. The information we collect, both from the Worthy Cause and independently, is then reviewed by the B1G1 Giving Society Board, which must approve each individual application.

We seek to be as transparent as we can in our operations. To that end, we have published below the criteria considered by the Board in reviewing applications.

In general, the Board applies two sets of criteria. Level 1 criteria are the most critical ones; the Board expects each Worthy Cause applicant to meet all or virtually all of these criteria. The Board also expects that applicants will meet at least some (but not necessarily all) of the Level 2 criteria. Although Level 1 criteria are deemed critical, the Board retains discretion to make exceptions in individual cases where one of the criteria may not be fully met. In so doing, the Board then places added weight on its Level 2 criteria.

In any event, the Board has complete discretion to use its best judgement in applying the criteria to approve or deny applications.

Find out more on the Worthy Cause FAQ and contact us to obtain the initial questionnaire if you are representing an organisation that wishes to apply for approval as a Worthy Cause. You can also view the terms and conditions for Worthy Causes.



Level 1 Criteria

The Board expects that each Worthy Cause applicant will meet all or virtually all of the following requirements:

  • has registered charity status at least in one country (verified by current paperwork)
  • is authorised to receive international funding/donations
  • can supply audited accounts for the previous 2 fiscal years
  • can supply latest Annual Report
  • is operating efficiently to deliver the benefits and services it provides*
  • has a website with up-to-date information
  • has been operating at least 3 years, with a preference for organizations that are at least 5 years old
  • can typically provide communications turnaround of less than 7 working days
  • has activities that are tangible for B1G1 donors, with clear costing data available so that projects can be broken down into small units (for example, a Worthy Cause might be able to say, “We provide a family in Malawi with clean water for one day, for USD $0.05”)
  • Activities are not associated with the purpose of spreading a specific religion (B1G1 works with organisations with all background in an inclusive manner, however, it does not support the promotion of a specific religion as a Worthy Cause project).
  • can communicate efficiently in English


Level 2 Criteria

In addition to the Level 1 criteria, the Board will tend to favour a Worthy Cause applicant that meets one or more of the following additional criteria:

  • operates in a country where not many other B1G1 Worthy Causes are active
  • has or can obtain Tax relief status in countries where B1G1 donors operate**
  • has active information distribution (such as newsletters, videos, great website, blogs)
  • is able and willing to provide additional resources to B1G1 and donors (high quality pictures, stories, acknowledgment, etc.)
  • is willing to help facilitate potential visits from B1G1 and donors
  • has the endorsement of one or more B1G1 Business Members or Partners


*   Because some organizations deliver services which demand substantial staffing, we expect that administrative expenses will vary greatly among organizations.  We examine this factor on a case-by-case basis, in light of your size and the type of services you provide, and make an independent judgment about the level of support that goes to program delivery.  Nevertheless, an organization with administrative and fundraising costs that exceed 20% of its total costs would bear a burden of justification in the Board’s review.  In most cases, we would expect such costs to be below that level.

**   Although Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand figure most prominently as the locations of B1G1 Members, we have Members from a variety of other countries as well.