WOWs and WOOWs

The Office Supply Company that WOWs (and WOOWs)

It’s a tough, competitive business isn’t it — selling Office Supplies?

After all, there are so many people doing it including some huge players.

So, how on earth do you create something great and something that people don’t just like — they love?

Michael Foldi at Integrated Office Supplies (IOS) in Melbourne, Australia, has found the way. And in short, it’s about combining WOWs at every step of the process with WOOWs in a magical way.

Now the WOWs you understand. But unless you’ve been to my live programs, WOOWs might require some explanation.

And you start that explanation by simply saying the word — WOOW. As you say it (out loud!) if you’re like most people you’ll hear that it’s deeper, less ‘glitzy’ and longer lasting.

And that’s precisely what the new wave of giving is that underpins us here at B1G1 — deeper, less glitzy, longer lasting and, most importantly, more connecting at every level.

Michael and his team get that right from the get go. When you visit the IOS site you’ll see things that simply want to make you click. And if you happen to try the ‘Meet the Team’ graphic you’ll get taken to what looks like just a team photo:

But when you scroll down, you’ll see some extraordinary things about working with the team at IOS. Michael leads off like this:

Respect, Positive Attitude, Gratitude, Recognition, Tolerance, Determination an Obligation to Give Back.
The IOS team is truly committed to helping others in need. Our partnership with B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) and a number of charities means everything to us. Choosing to buy your office supply needs from IOS means you are directly helping people in need or you can use your Integrated Rewards Points to buy a goat, or a mosquito net to protect a child against malaria or to pay a teacher's wage for a week. Go to our rewards site to see all the fantastic ways you can make a big difference to another human being. Please jump on board and help us to make a big difference to many thousands of people.

And then in the unedited team comments (and by the way, this whole segment of the site was put together by the team with no direct involvement from Michael) you read things like:

Aligning with worthy causes or a bigger game than your own existence leads to more happiness. Being part of a global community has widened my vision of why and how I come to work.

I like it when customers complain that we are giving them too many great rewards or nice surprises!

It is great to be able to wake up every morning and look forward to what the day has to offer at Integrated. I have been with the company for 5 years and no matter what happens, we always find a way to keep the fun around. We are really building something outstanding and it is very exciting to be a part of the family at Integrated. With our new ways of 'giving back' you can feel completely satisfied that your work during the day, has contributed to making a person's life better who might not have had the chance to do so for themselves.

There is so much more to this company than just selling office supplies. We have incredible, inspirational goals and a mindset that anything is possible. We laugh a lot but we also work extremely hard to honour our commitment to be the best office supplies company in the country and give our clients the best possible experience. At times that can be challenging. But when you are surrounded by a motivated group of people with a great sense of purpose and team ethic you achieve so much more.

How awesome is it to be in a workplace where you are inspired to contribute as much as you can to the world. I look forward to the future with great anticipation. I think we have only begun to scratch the surface of what we will achieve.

I like how IOS thinks outside the square and finds ways to do business in a creative way with the end goal being to be of greater good to the community and, giving back to those in need around the world. It's far more interesting to be part of projects that are greater than our self-interest.


And then you see WHY all that happens — what the team calls its RIGHTIO (pronounced right ee o — an Australian saying for ‘OK’). This is powerful stuff:

And point number 8 has a brilliant ‘Zappos-like’ feel about it:

Having fun a daily basis is a key element of your job description. If you don't enjoy working here you have to leave! The team here has chosen to only accept team members who believe life really is too short and work without fun is not work at all.

So there’s a wonderful sense of purpose and commitment to each other here. And then that flows out into truly extraordinary things that IOS does for its customers. The internally-developed (NOT outsourced) reward system is just brilliant — check it out right here; it is great.

And when you first come on board, there’s a lovely WOW welcome offer too:


Michael Foldi and his team are not just doing great things they’re leaving all sorts of legacies too — the legacy that comes from their giving through B1G1 and the legacy of example. Go visit online — you’ll be WOWed and WOOWed simultaneously.