42,658,977 giving impacts* created by small businesses
being part of B1G1 Business For Good worldwide.
A very different world

Imagine it. Your business being part of a movement that's transforming business giving and creating life-changing impacts in our world.

A world where each transaction you make can make a real difference in ways that you choose. A world where tiny giving creates huge impacts. You're connecting with your team and customers like never before through a renewed sense of purpose. You're making a difference together, each and every day, just by doing what you normally do.

It’s a different world — the world of B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1).

The WHY: To help you positively impact lives and share the joy of giving,
every second, every day and in every way!
So how could it work for my business?

  • JOIN

    Your business joins the community of
    like-minded businesses worldwide
    called B1G1 Business for Good.


    You match your product or service to
    hundreds of high-impact projects
    and ‘embed’ giving into what you do.


    You share what you're doing with
    your team and your customers in
    new 'connected' ways.


Transforming business giving

With B1G1, you transform your giving (and your business) through the power of these three unique things.

  • B1G1 makes it possible for even small businesses to create great IMPACT while making sure 100% of your giving is passed on to the projects you select.

  • B1G1 helps you create a lasting giving HABIT by making it easy to embed giving in your business. Now giving becomes a core part of your business.

  • B1G1 gives you tools and resources to involve your team and customers in your giving. In this way, you create a much deeper sense of CONNECTION.


Implemented by businesses around the world
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Every time we provide consulting, we give in a unique way to reward the client.

B1G1 is so easy. I jump online and align my client transactions with a particular project.

The way we give through B1G1 enables us to connect with clients in ways that simply were not possible before. B1G1 changes everything for us.

Craig Michael O'Sullivan
CEO, Black Belt Business

*Number of total giving impacts in B1G1 is based on the sum of all units of micro-impacts created through the B1G1 Project activities.
These include many different activities such as 'giving one person access to water for one day' and 'helping educate one child for one day'

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