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A B1G1 Study Tour is no ordinary tour. It is a tour designed for the B1G1 Businesses, their team members and family members. Come on the next tour to learn, to connect, to engage and to change lives.

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When you think of India, one word comes up time and time again – contrast. And for 28 intrepid travelers on the 5th B1G1: Business for Good Study Tour, that journey of contrasts began yesterday. Everything from being immersed in a slum of 40,000 people to the solemnity of the Gandhi Museum and so much more in between.

We all saw some amazing impacts in these 6 days. Just imagine that as we leave the tour, each one of us could simply share all of this with another 10 business owners. Just imagine… Perhaps when it’s over really is just the start.

One of the hardest things to do is to sum up in just a few words the tremendous exhilaration, impact and connection that goes on during B1G1 Study Tours. The tours take 10 months to plan — there’s so much detail to get right. And then for 5 straight, full-on, amazing days we experience it.

The best way we know how to capture it is not through our words and pictures but through the words and pictures of those who experienced the elation and inspiration of simply ‘being there’.

So, sit forward, tune in and capture the very essence of 5 stunning days in just 3 minutes. Oh ……. and make sure you watch right through to the credits — there are some real insights there too.

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Here are some of the video highlights to give you a taste of what it was like!

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The 2013 Cambodian tour is brilliantly summed up by Rob O’Byrne, a tour participant and B1G1 Partner from Sydney. He said this: “Get on the tour — it’s just life-changing“. But it’s not just life-changing for us, it’s actually changing lives in the process. And that was best illustrated on this tour by the full day we spent building an amazing playground for (and with!) 400 children. To see their smiles from the simplest things is truly stunning.

And then meeting directly with the people involved in making this (and many other) activity gives you un-paralleled insights; insights which simply stay with you forever.

Imagine meeting with someone who’s planted 200,000 seedlings in the past 2 years. And he’s done that to save the environment of Orang Utans threatened by the desecration of the forests for Palm Oil. Never again do you doubt the ability of one person to make a difference.

Then to come face-to-face with the Orang Utans is unforgettable too. And then segue from that sight into meeting with people who’ve lost their sight. Then you go into the mobile operating theatre to see their sight restored. And you look around and see 500 people who’ll be impacted by that.

As one of the participants wrote: “ see how such small giving can produce such huge results will stay with me forever.

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This was our first Study Tour and one in which we learned so much — not the least of which was the difference between handing out and handing UP. Just imagine meeting 200 local women who proudly call themselves ‘Professors of Goatology’. Women who are now running complex spreadsheets to oversee their goat-breeding program — something that B1G1 has helped turn into the largest sustainable goat project in Kenya.

And all of this is happening in a village which you did not want to admit you were from. Now it’s a community totally transformed, from the way the schooling works to the hospital made possible by those ‘Professors of Goatology’. To be part of this on the Study Tour was just an indelible, never-to-be-erased experience.

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