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B1G1 System Upgrade

B1G1 Florencia

On 9th June 12am Singapore time (see this in your timezone), we’ll be performing major infrastructure upgrades to B1G1’s platform.

The GREAT news is that we’re moving the B1G1 system to a much smarter, much faster server. This will take between 2 and 4 hours, and we’ll be working on stabilising the improvements to create a smooth (and even better) experience for you over the weekend.

It means you may get some unexpected issues immediately afterward, but please don’t be concerned. Just make sure you tell us quickly if you do via email to [email protected]. You can also let us know about your experience, thoughts and ideas for our system from here.

And for every ‘glitch’ you report or suggestions you make, we’ll do some extra giving on your behalf too to make it meaningful and really worthwhile.

Oh, be assured that any outstanding items in your giving cart will remain where they are, and all automated giving will be processed as usual.


Extra details on the upgrade

As well as moving everything to a faster and smarter server, we’re doing major works below-the-hood to ensure our system is truly ready to scale. Given the record-breaking year we’ve had in 2017, this boost will come in handy to support the growth of the B1G1 Business for Good community. The 150 million giving impact milestone is near!

In short, it means we’ll be in a much better position to create even more impacts together with you.


Some features may be unstable after the upgrade

Most of our past upgrades involved adding new parts to B1G1. This upgrade is different. It entails a lot more movement and replacing some very deep legacy things. That means some features like social media sharing (which takes time to integrate with the new components in our backend) may be temporarily unavailable.

Here’s the main thing. You’ll be able to do your giving anytime, anywhere during this changeover. We’re committed to the B1G1 promise and we won’t allow a single cent of giving to fall through any cracks!

Our engineers have been working long and hard (and will continue to do that) to stabilise the other features quickly. We will update you via the Facebook group and Twitter with the latest information at least once a day.


We’re here to help

This is going to be so worthwhile for all of us and we’re sorry to be holding you up in any way! We’re really grateful to you for your patience AND for your ‘glitch’ reporting too. Once again, the link to make your suggestions is here.

If you have specific or urgent requests, drop us a note anytime at [email protected]. You can jump on the chat (bottom right corner of this page) too to talk with us. :)


With much gratitude,

The B1G1 Team