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Natalie Jameson – A New Revolutionary

Every high school student learns about the original Industrial Revolution; it was the beginning of the mechanization of our world. It transformed nations, one at a time, from agrarian economies to global powerhouses. As technologies improved, so did the quality of...

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Karina Grassy – Tapping into the mother’s heart

Michael Masser penned a beautiful song. George Benson and Whitney Houston sang it. You’ll remember the opening line: ‘I believe that children are our future, treat them well and let them lead the way.’ Karina Grassy lives that every day at Slumbersac, a global B1G1...

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Joanna Oakey – The Happiness Paradox

Most of us in business know of the work of Abraham Maslow. When he proposed his now famous "hierarchy of needs" in 1943, he placed the most basic human physiological requirements at the base of his pyramid. It was only when these needs were met, he theorized, that one...

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B1G1 Member Update – March’19

 1. The 'Ever-So-Easy' New B1G1 Membership Structure We've just made it even easier for businesses to join the B1G1 movement from just $1 a day. And if you want to learn more about it, click here for a brand new (and exciting) video. 2. Legacy Makers and How...

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Shane Black – Creating Global Impacts From Down Under

Shane Black’s mother always insisted that he finish his dinner. Maybe you had a mum like that too. As a former NSW police officer and the current head of Sydney-based Pearl Finance Group, Shane knows how such simple requests can make huge impacts on your life. He...

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Michael Brosowski knows what it’s like to struggle as a child in poverty. When fate brought him into contact with poor and at-risk children nearly 5,000 miles away from his home, what he saw led him to eventually start the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, an...

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