12 – 13 Jul 2018


Full day

The B1G1 Business for Good Conference is full of game-changing learning, exchanging of remarkable ideas, useful insights and inspiring moments. Perhaps even more significant there was a deep sense of connection, engagement and a spirit of giving that you will not get anywhere else.

We experience the power of having a group of people who share the same aspiration and desire to make a real difference. This year’s conference theme is ‘Going Deeper – Soaring Higher’.

Every single conference that we’ve organised in the past has been rated by delegates as:

“The best conference I’ve ever been to!”

Read more about the past conferences below.

2017: We’re Coming to You

B1G1 Conference Gold Coast
In celebration of B1G1’s 10th Anniversary, we decided to scale the giving movement to the next level by bringing the conference closer to our members. We held the conference in three special cities – Miami (North America), Birmingham (Europe), and Gold Coast (Asia-Pacific). Three cities. Three events. Three sets of magical moments.

2016: 5 Keys to Unlock Your Business for Good

The very first B1G1 Business for Good Conference was held in the spiritual centre of Bali, and the birth place of B1G1. It was no ordinary conference where you just exchange business cards and listen to speakers and panelists. This was much, much more. Delegates got to really connect with like-minded business people, and engaged in real, meaningful discussions that impact their business and lives for good.