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A Pharmacy That’s Loved

chemmart_pharmacy_storyJason Campbell first became aware of B1G1 when his accountant suggested he attend an event featuring the organization’s Chairman, Paul Dunn. “I had just run a few unsuccessful social responsibility programmes in the pharmacy,” Jason recounted, “And my mind was racing with ideas, even before Paul had finished his presentation. I immediately signed up.

Jason runs the Wentworth Falls Chemmart Pharmacy near Sydney, Australia. “B1G1 was an inspirational way for us to take a more active role in deciding where our discretionary spending for charity would go. When I presented the concept at our staff meeting and showed the B1G1 video, we had tears from some of our team members.

chemmart_pharmacy_story1The pharmacy decided to link the choice of their B1G1 projects to their products, running a program where, when someone buys eye drops for glaucoma, Chemmart in Wentworth Falls would donate a pair of glasses, or when a customer purchases two lipsticks, they would donate funding for cleft lip surgery in the developing world.

Then something interesting started to happen. Sales went up. “B1G1 has proved to be so much more than just linking purchases to a project,” Jason told us. “We have achieved significant increases in sales of targeted products simply based on the marketing of B1G1 projects. For example, when customers bought two of our own Chemmart vitamin products, and we gave 15 children access to medication with each purchase, we had a 300% increase in sales!”

“We tend to use B1G1 projects in conjunction with the sale of more profitable lines. This may sound like a marketing ploy, until you realise that the more successful we are, the more we give – a true ‘win win’!”

Due to the volume of small transactions, the staff printed up business card sized, project specific “Thank you – you just changed the world” cards, and handed them to customers when they purchased promoted products.

mini_certificate_frontJason says the awareness of B1G1 with the customers is very high.

“Perhaps the greatest benefit to the business is the positive conversations it starts with our customers. I’ve even had some people wish they were taking a certain medication, so that there would be a donation – really powerful. At the end of a promotion we put up a certificate thanking our customers, letting them know what they have achieved.”

The Wentworth Falls Chemmart is now trying out a staff recognition program as well, where each staff member picks a project, and whenever they perform well, they accrue B1G1 points. It’s designed around positive feedback from customers and managers. Once a person reaches five points in their ratings, the store will make a donation to the B1G1 project of their choice. “The team finds it motivating and inspiring,” says Jason.

“Chemmart Pharmacies have a ‘wellbeing commitment’ to their customers, and at our store we promise to Care More,” Jason Campbell told us. “With B1G1, we can actually see that happen.”

“Apart from making a financial contribution, the best part of B1G1 is how good giving makes us feel, and it gives the team something to aim for.”

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