When Giving Becomes Something Much More: The Story of Chiroworks

From donating books, to participating in giving auctions and charitable events, giving has always been a big part of Dr Gary Tho’s life.

His innate desire to help others was also what propelled his career as a chiropractor, leading to the establishment of Chiroworks, his pain-relief and peak-performance chiropractic clinic in Singapore.

Giving has been a part of what I do for a long time. I was introduced to B1G1, and it just made things a lot easier.

Through the global business giving movement, B1G1, Gary found a way to seamlessly integrate an element of giving into his regular sessions with his patients.

When a new patient comes to his clinic, Gary’s team casually opens the conversation by asking what the patient finds more important – clean water, education, or access to healthcare.

The patient then goes off for their assessment and treatment as per routine.

The next time the patient comes for their appointment, however, they are surprised with a Gratitude Certificate in their name from Chiroworks saying “Because you’ve come in, and because you said you value healthcare, we’ve now given glasses to people in Indonesia.”

But something happened that Gary did not imagine. The impact of his actions grew to involve his patients.

Dr Gary Tho came in 1st place during B1G1’s JOG-week 2016

Many of Gary’s patients turned into ardent supporters of his giving activities. This was most apparent when Gary participated in B1G1’s JOG-week (a virtual race where participants clocked up steps every day to raise funds for their chosen B1G1 project). One patient even pulled out a thousand-dollar note from his wallet to support Gary’s chosen project – education for students in Cambodia.

Lots of people in the world really want to help people but don’t have the means. When they see someone practically doing it, many are inspired to get to get involved themselves.

Gary firmly believes that businesses, both large and small, have the power to create positive impacts both locally AND globally. Through the smallest of actions, businesses can play a huge role in shaping the world we live in.

Your business can shape our world too. Join the B1G1 Business for Good giving movement. 

About Ren Jean Chong

As B1G1's marketing manager, Ren Jean heads B1G1’s efforts to spread the word and inspire more businesses to become giving businesses. She is often the voice behind B1G1’s social media communications, the brain behind the digital marketing campaigns, and the smile behind the live chat, to get deeply connected with people inside and outside of B1G1.