B1G1 makes it possible for you to build giving right into the core of what you do. So now you can say, “whenever we do this, we make something great happen in our world.” And you can do so by creating your own Giving Stories in B1G1.

Giving Stories are a unique part of B1G1. They help encourage habitual and intentional giving on a regular basis and have the power to truly transform any business. Here’s how you can create your own Giving Stories with B1G1.



B1G1 is now available on Zapier. Your Giving Stories can now be automated via Zapier to make giving much more seamless and almost real-time.

Once you’ve set up the Zaps between your business apps and B1G1, whenever your specified activity occurs on the apps (e.g Mail Chimp, Xero), your Giving Stories will be automagically added to the Giving Cart. It’s that simple!


Simply answer a few questions and we’ll curate a FREE tailored Giving Plan for you. Your B1G1 Giving Plan opens up totally new perspectives and insights for you. You’ll find that the tailored-to-you plan helps you avoid the traps that many businesses fall into. You’ll also discover high-impact projects that really make a difference, as well as some personalised tips to make your giving easier than ever.

What’s Your Giving Story?

Simple, Clear One-for-One

You can link a specific giving activity to your product or service to create a resonant Giving Story.

Giving for a Client

You can link your giving to every new client created, or every service delivered. It’s easy to customise your giving.

Giving for Achievements

You can still link giving to your business activities even if you do not have a fixed product. For example, completing a project, conducting a team meeting, or sending an email.

Anniversary Giving

You can incorporate giving into every celebration in your business. Sharing the joy and gratitude creates more happiness too.


B1G1 is a global giving initiative that makes it meaningful, powerful and deeply connecting for businesses to give. With more than 10 years of continuous innovation, we’ve made more than 180 million giving impacts together with businesses who proudly belong to the movement.

Your effective giving is also ensured by the unique membership model enabling B1G1 to always pass on 100% of your giving to 400+ carefully selected projects around the world, making sure every cent makes an impact.

You can  find out more here to see if adding impactful giving to your business is right for you too.