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Cunninghams Property – Real Estate Giving a New Perspective

cunninghams_storyJohn and Ann Cunningham opened their company, the aptly named Cunninghams Property in Sydney, Australia back in 1991. They’ve been at the very leading-edge of Real Estate ever since, winning many awards for the way they do things.

They first came across B1G1 last August at a real estate conference in Uluru, the large sandstone formation in central Australia.

“We were immediately struck by the simplicity of the concept and how easily it allows us to make giving an everyday part of our business,” John said. “Our business was already a very giving group of people. Every year we support over 40 charities, schools, sporting clubs and organisations. But when we saw how easy it was to connect B1G1 to our type of business, it made sense to get involved. The concept of changing people’s lives and making a difference every day in some way was very appealing to us and resonated with our beliefs.”

cunninghams_story2Back in Sydney, the Cunninghams Property team was quick to relate their B1G1 giving to the concept of ‘shelter’. “We relate our giving to the fact that we provide the choices and opportunity of shelter through our real estate business,” Ann told us, “so we decided that projects connected to the wellbeing of humanity in underprivileged countries by providing housing would be our main focus. The fact that we can relate, say, the sale of a property to providing x number of bricks or x number of days shelter to a family made it all very tangible.”

And like many B1G1 Business Partners, Cunninghams Property found a way to help even more. At Open Home events, they regularly provide bottled water to their customers; a nice little extra touch. And they thought, why not provide water to families and children in Ethiopia for every water bottle we purchase for our home buyers?

As John Cunningham points out, “Our clients see that we’re doing something worthwhile by providing the life-giving gift of water in other parts of the world.”

“We also provide gifts at Christmas to our key clients,” Ann commented, “and this past Christmas, our team determined that about 70% of the recipients would appreciate (and see the benefits) of their gift going to B1G1 instead. The response was excellent, we received many emails and calls and even comments from people in the street that reinforced our decision to give them an option to choose B1G1 every Christmas!”

Popular folklore has it that when you fly over Uluru/Ayers Rock by helicopter, you see the world from a different perspective. After we talked to the people at Cunninghams Property, we think there might be some truth to it too.

And if you’d like to get that new perspective too, just go right here to see some magical stuff on B1G1.

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