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D.B. Malorey Plumbing & Heating – Giving when Mother Knows Best

dbmalorey_storyWhen Daren Malorey was a young boy growing up in England, there were times when he didn’t like what his mother put in front of him at dinnertime. He would sit there staring at his plate, and his mother would say “Eat it all up Daren, there are children starving in Africa.”

Daren – who is now Managing Director of D.B. Malorey Plumbing & Heating on the UK island of Jersey – remembers well his smart alec reply to his mum: “I would say ‘I bet you can’t name three of them’,” he recently related in an interview with B1G1. “Or I would say, ‘Well then, put the food in an envelope and send it to them!’ I was not a very practical boy, you know, and a little cheeky!”

As fate would have it, some years later Daren did find a way to give to the children of Africa through B1G1. “I was invited to a seminar at the Royal Yacht Hotel in Jersey, where Paul Dunn, the Chairman of B1G1, was speaking. I found it inspiring how he spoke with such passion regarding his life and his work.”

dbmalorey_story1D.B. Malorey Plumbing & Heating became a B1G1 Business Partner that day. Daren adopted the slogan ‘Our business is making a difference now!’ and even popped the word ‘REMARKABLE’ in their logo. Then they had a decision to make – how to give, in a way that really made a difference, and was somehow related to the plumbing business?

dbmalorey_story3“I thought of my challenge to my mother,” Daren told us, “And as a plumbing & heating company I thought, how about for every ball valve we sell, we will donate $1.00 U.S. to the ‘water for a day’ project? The general effect will be that if we stop a ball valve from wasting water here, we can kind of send the water to where it is needed in Africa.”

That was just the start, too. Now the D.B. Malorey Plumbing team is setting up donations for every boiler, oil tank, heat pump, and solar system they sell. On larger projects, they ask the customer for input on which B1G1 project they would like to support. “As we are essentially a plumbing and heating company,” Daren says, “we like to give to water-based projects.”

And in the strangest of ways, Daren’s mother would be pleased with what her son has put into action now.

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