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Earthing Oz – The Synergy of Earthing and Giving

earthing_oz_story1In 2009, Anand Wells was introduced to ‘earthing’ products — products that provide you practical ways to ‘ground’ your body with the natural and subtle surface energy of the Earth as you sleep, work, and relax indoors.

“At the time it was taking me two to four hours to fall asleep each night and I was curious to see what would happen when I was grounded,” he told us. “The very first night that I used the earthing sheet I fell asleep in 30 minutes and slept more soundly than I had in months! And it was no coincidence; a month later I was still sleeping like a baby and was very grateful for the improvement in my sleep, so much so I decided to bring the earthing range of products into Australia as Earthing Oz.”

earthing_sleep_systemTo date, thousands of individuals-men, women, children, and professional athletes alike have incorporated grounding into their daily lives. Just check out the videos on the Earthing Oz website to see how the concept works.

It wasn’t long after Earthing Oz opened that Anand heard about B1G1, and started thinking about the possibilities. “Imagine if every single business transaction on the planet benefited someone in need, as well as benefiting the businesses involved,” he thought.

As a result, Earthing Oz is now a B1G1 Business Partner, and every product they sell provides a gift to a specific worthwhile cause.

“What I love about B1G1 is that unlike nearly most charities, 100% of the money given goes directly to the cause we are supporting.” Anand told us. “Not only that, the giving is transaction-based. This means you get specific giving outcomes from each and every product sold.”

Earthing Oz has now assigned a specific giving activity to their product leads and accessories. “We tell our customers that when they purchase a Bed Pad Sleep System, they will train and employ an indigenous trainer in Australia for a community technology centre for a day. This trainer then helps all members of the local community to use the computers and the Internet at the centre.”

earthing_oz_story2There are other opportunities to support B1G1 too. By purchasing a Recovery Bag, customers of Earthing Oz provide an orphaned child in India food for a day; buying a Universal Mat gives a meal to a child in Thailand. And purchasing either the Earthing Book or Dirty Electricity book educates a child for a day in Cambodia.

“We are very grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world,” Anand points out with pride, “A place where we enjoy an abundance that many people on the planet can only dream of. To be able to contribute to those in need in such specific way — with the help of our customers — creates a great feeling!”

Visit the Earthing Oz B1G1 webpage and see the impact one small business can make.

“If you own a business and you’re interested in sharing your good fortune with those in need,” Anand says, “B1G1 is an amazing gateway for giving.”

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