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Bringing Business Beyond Norm and Novelty: EMC Advertising Gifts

Simon Kay is the director of EMC Advertising Gifts, a producer and distributor of promotional gifts and marketing merchandise in London.

Being no stranger to novelty, it takes something beyond extraordinary to impress Simon.

One thing that did, however, was hearing about the global business giving initiative B1G1 at a conference back in 2017.

I was amazed by how (B1G1) managed to get the cost of (the water project) down to what you do, that’s incredible.

He wasn’t alone.

When the idea was presented to the team, it induced an effusive “Yeah!!” from every member, quite a contrast from their more typical stoic reactions to regular business ideas.

Now, every time a customer places an order with EMC, they are thanked with a Gratitude Card that lets them know which project their money is going towards.

The team’s enthusiasm towards supporting so many causes around the world permeates into their every day work attitudes as well. As Liz Carey of EMC’s sales team puts it:

Hopefully I do better on the sales side of things and help push EMC.

It’s not just EMC’s team that shares in the joy of giving.

Their customers, neighbouring companies, and even their suppliers feel the tremendous potential that being a part of a global giving initiative brings. The guy that helps them with their IT, for example, saw their involvement with B1G1 and remarked that he was going to sign his company up as well later in the year.

Simon believes that the world is changing from countries to companies. Companies truly do have the ability to make a difference, and with B1G1, there’s a real opportunity to redress the balance in the world.

Your business can be part of the B1G1 Business for Good giving movement too. 

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As B1G1's marketing manager, Ren Jean heads B1G1’s efforts to spread the word and inspire more businesses to become giving businesses. She is often the voice behind B1G1’s social media communications, the brain behind the digital marketing campaigns, and the smile behind the live chat, to get deeply connected with people inside and outside of B1G1.