Bring your team closer together by creating giving goals
that will make significant impacts around the globe.


One of the most effective ways to achieve something great is by setting clear goals.

The B1G1 system let’s you do that dynamically and it allows you to track your overall progress to each goal you and your team set. It’s a great way of keeping people focused on the impact you want to create. And, of course, it gives you reasons to share and celebrate when you reach your goals too.

How to set a goal?

1. When you Create a Giving Story

You can set your Giving Goals when you create your Giving Story. It’s a great way to link your business and giving targets together. Your team and customers are now part of creating meaningful impacts together.

2. Directly from Goals

You can set up your goals any time independently. Simply go to the ‘Goals feature’ and select the project you’d like to set a goal for. The goal interface will immediately start tracking any progress made towards reaching the target you set.

Why you should set Giving Goals


Setting goals is one of the most important elements of success. Here are a few key reasons why goal-setting is so important.

1. Knowing your direction helps you achieve

2. When your team knows the goal, everyone is aligned and moves in sync.

3. Celebrating the little and big wins makes your progress tangible.

Setting Giving Goals makes the reward of achieving them even more meaningful for everyone involved in your business. And of course, you get to give more… and help create a world with even more giving, together.


Engage with your networks in new and meaningful ways.