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The Green Galah of Giving

greengalah_story3Question: What would you name a cleaning company?

Well, there’s a very special one named Green Galah Commercial & Domestic Cleaning because Green Galah is catchy, it’s alliterative, and it helps them stand out from the competition. Mission accomplished! And the company’s mascot, Grenville, is probably the only green galah in Australia; nature made the rest mostly pink and grey.

Green Galah is a new B1G1 business partner based in Melbourne. The company is owned by Tim and Andrea Greig, who both attended ‘The Power of Small’ event by B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn in July.

“When we heard Paul talk about B1G1 with such enthusiasm and passion, the whole thing became crystal clear,” Tim said, “We looked at each other and said ‘Wow, this is what we’re about.’ B1G1 isn’t simply life-changing for the many people who benefit from contributions, but it’s life-changing for us as Business Partners too!”

greengalah_story8“What greater way to make a difference than to provide children with health care, books, bicycles, and schools?” Andrea added. “To provide families with water and basic amenities? It doesn’t matter how little we can afford, we know that whatever we give makes a huge difference.”

When Green Galah gets a new customer or receives a referral, they give to one of the now 700 plus projects in B1G1.

“We asked our team to look at the list of B1G1 prospects,” Tim told us. “And one of our team members sent us an email just this morning about it. Imogen Johnston had worked with socially responsible organizations before. When we asked her to go through the list and tell us what inspired her, she had this to say in her email:

greengalah_story6‘Having worked with fair trade organisations, projects that are empowering for the people involved make the biggest difference (i.e. education) and simple things like lighting so they work safely at night rather than in the dark…(so many cases of blindness from working by candle light or low light).

Water for communities reduces the danger of long distance water carriage, allowing them to create their future. B1G1 has some great projects, so I’m happy we are contributing to this.’

Andrea and Tim pointed to Imogen’s response as an example of how the act of giving just keeps on giving.

greengalah_story7“We think B1G1 is inspirational, and we know we can inspire other people as well by undertaking socially responsible initiatives that we otherwise wouldn’t necessarily do as a cleaning company,” Tim said.

And Andrea added profoundly: “It’s something we feel passionate about. Every time we think about it, it really gives us a boost up, and I can’t see that fading.” We think Grenville the Green Galah would be proud of that too.

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