Roadmap to become a Business for Good

Here you have a roadmap to help you maximize the resources available in B1G1, to fully immerse yourself in the B1G1 giving experience and become a Business for Good.

1. Find your favourite Projects

We understand that different people resonate with different causes.
That’s why there are over 500 projects from various categories and countries that you can support with B1G1. Just grab $10 and pick multiple projects in different countries to give to now!

Bonus: Many B1G1 Members love clicking the heart icon to add the projects to their favourites. Why not do yours now – pick a few that resonate with you and favourite them!

2. Embed Giving into Your Business

Giving stories make it easy for you to say ‘every time we do this, we make sure something great happens in our world’. You’ll be able to link the things you do in your business to specific impacts you want to create in the world.

Bonus: Your Giving Story doesn’t have to be sales related. It could be linked to anything at all – when you send an email, when your team has a meeting, or even when a team member celebrates a birthday!

3. Be Part of a Giving Community

Our members tell us that one of the best things about being a part of B1G1 is being a part of a community of like-minded giving businesses from around the world.
We regularly organise events for the Business for Good community to create a deep sense of connection together, as well as exchange learnings and insights to play a bigger game in business.
Here’s a peek of what you can expect at one of the most highly anticipated B1G1 events – the Business for Good Conference.

Bonus: Other popular member events include our annual Study Tours to visit the beneficiaries on the ground.

4. Sharing Ideas and Insights

When we can’t physically meet up with the global giving community every day (though we’d love to!), we continue keeping connected online through the power of social media.
Our private Community Facebook Group is where ideas are exchanged and inspiration flows.

We also have regular online member connection events that people can join in from anywhere in the world.

5. Giving on the Go

Put B1G1 in your pocket AND quite literally give anywhere and any time.
Just download the IMPACT NOW app on the App Store or Google Play.
Here’s a quick walkthrough of the app:

Log-in with your B1G1 Guest account and you’ll find your Giving Stories (from step 3) waiting for you there, all ready to help you create more impacts in the world!
Bonus: You can also create “Personal” Giving Stories such as ‘When I drink a cup of coffee, I give a child access to pure, life-saving water.’ Or ‘When I complete a run, I give access to a fun playground.’

6. Get Inspired

Watch this short collection of real-life footage from real people in the B1G1 Community – from the giving businesses, our worthy cause partners, to the beneficiaries on the ground.
Experience the joy your giving creates.

If you enjoyed this video, we have more inspiring videos and stories on our YouTube channel.

7. Share the Joy of Giving

B1G1 allows you to track each and every single impact you make through your giving, so you can ‘report’ them to your team, customers, and prospects in an extraordinary way.
With B1G1 Widgets, you can easily embed your exact giving impacts onto your website and track where your giving goes in the world.

Bonus: You can easily embed these widgets onto your website too to create your own ‘Impact Page’. Take a look at this great example.

8. Connect Deeply with Your Network

Here’s a really special way that B1G1 Members use very, very frequently to connect with clients (and others as well).
B1G1 Gratitude Certificates are a great way to say Thank You to people in a way that truly connects, moves and delights (and changes the world too).

Bonus: Some B1G1 Members use Gratitude Certificates to celebrate their team members’ birthdays, allowing them to give to a project of their choice as a real life-changing birthday present.

9. Digging Deeper into the B1G1 Philosophy

These are the 8 things we value in our giving at B1G1.
For example, we believe that giving is for every business – not just for the ‘big guys’.
How many do you resonate with?

If you enjoyed this read, you will enjoy other inspiring insights and stories on the B1G1 Blog.

10. Not Just the ‘Big Guys’

With the announcement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is now a greater call for businesses to give back. It’s no longer just the responsibility of governments to fight poverty, inequality, injustice, and climate change.
Brilliant entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and many others now are urging businesses to adopt the SDGs. The great news is that they’re already inbuilt into B1G1 for you.
With B1G1, you can give back and track your impacts in relation to the 17 global SDGs. This is how our community has contributed to the global call to date.

Bonus: You can sort and view B1G1 projects according to their SDG categorization. Give it a go!

11. Join the Movement

We really hope that you see how fresh, novel, inspiring, worthwhile AND important it is to join a movement with which you truly resonate.
Now, your business can become part of this global movement. Together, we’ve already crossed 130 Million giving impacts. As great as that is, it needs to be much, much more.
That’s why we’d love to welcome you to the B1G1 Business for Good Community as a full-fledged B1G1 Member.

It’s an amazing way of not just making a statement but of actually making a real difference just by doing what you normally do.
Let’s continue creating a world full of giving together :)


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