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10+ Creative Ways to Integrate B1G1 into your Business

B1G1 makes it easy for your business to give back to the philanthropic causes that resonate with you most. But it’s not just about ease—it’s also about creating excitement and enhancing your connection too.

We know that cultivating habitual giving (we call it ‘embedding’ your giving) is vital for sustainable growth and change. And because every giving impact on B1G1 is extraordinary it’s important not to let your giving habit become run-of-the-mill or ordinary.

 It’s also important to get the intent right. Wherever possible, that intent should reflect and express your gratitude for the client doing business with you (as opposed to a conditional position to solicit business). 

With that in mind, here are some specific ideas and examples that might just inspire you too.

1. Celebrate your team member of the month through giving

Honor that exceptional team member by letting him or her pick the cause of the month. Have a specific business activity linked to this monthly program, and at the end of the year honor the employee who has made the greatest impact. You could alternatively send them a “giving gift card” with giving credits for the project of their choosing.


team member cert

2. Make social media connections more meaningful

B1G1: Twitter message

Send each new LinkedIn or Twitter connection a message thanking them for connecting and making a special impact as a result. The message can be sent either manually or automatically, but make sure to keep track of your connections and give accordingly!

3. Have a quarterly giving goal

B1G1: Giving Goals

Take one of your normal quarterly business targets, and add a giving element to it. Attach a B1G1 project impact to whatever that metric unit is, and suddenly those numbers, well, aren’t just numbers anymore. B1G1’s goal feature can help you keep track along the way.
Read about how Stryv does this.

4. Celebrate milestones through campaigns

B1G1: Marathon Campaign

Satori & Co.’s recent Ironman campaign.

Whether it’s a personal or business milestone, B1G1’s campaign feature can make any celebration more meaningful. Anyone can give through campaigns, not just members, so this is a great way to engage the public to give in honour of a special event.

5. Have a B1G1 sale

B1G1: Sale

Buy1Give1 or Buy1Get1? Why not both! Host a B1G1 sale, and provide your customers with the option to either get their second product for free, or to pay it forward and send proceeds to the project of their choosing.

6. Raise awareness through promotional items

B1G1: Sarnies

Sarnies cafe has integrated special giving into different sizes of coffee.

There are a few ways to do this. You could display a poster on your desk for customers to see and receive updates about the company’s giving activities. Or incorporate Buy1GIVE1’s logo on your coffee cups and pens to peak your customers’ interest. Or even explain on the products themselves how purchasing specific items make a difference.

7. Encourage team volunteering and project visits

B1G1: Study Tour

2016 B1G1 business for good study tour in Mumbai, India.

Send a team member or two on B1G1’s annual study tour to get up close and personal with some of your favorite projects. Once your team sees your company’s impact first hand, your giving culture will be shared and strengthened tenfold.

8. Thank your customers through giving

Max My Profit’s Certificates of Gratitude

Whether it’s a paper or electronic receipt, let your customers know that part of their purchase went towards a good cause (other than your product)! Thank them for being a loyal customer, and encourage them to continue their loyalty with this added reward.

9. Let your customers thank YOU

B1G1: Pavilion AccountancyAre you already getting great, positive feedback from your customers about how you do business and how you give? If you get the sense that they might want to give as a way to show customer loyalty and thank you for what you do, this is very easy to do. Just create a B1G1 campaign page on your website, select your favourite projects, and invite your customers to pay their gratitude forward!

10. Use QR codes on your product tags

B1G1: QR Code

Set up a B1G1 campaign and a corresponding QR code that links to the campaign page. When your customers scan product tags featuring these QR codes on their phones, they can immediately choose to give towards the company’s selected projects. Tap into your community’s giving spirit, no purchase necessary.

11. Collect business cards for your cause

B1G1 Nametag

Put out a few mason jars complete with descriptions and photos of your favorite projects, and ask people who drop by to leave their business cards in the jar they like the most! This is a great way to further networking opportunities and also see which projects your potential clients and customers are drawn to. You can also give to the most popular project at the end of each month (or week!) and turn this into a competition.

12. Provide meaningful waiting room thoughts


Place a ‘Giving Menu’ at your reception or waiting room area to let your customers ponder the type of impact they’d like to help contribute to. It’ll certainly engage them in a meaningful and different way from the typical style magazines from 5 seasons back.

13. Bond offices across seas

B1G1 Go Give

If you have offices situated in different parts of the world, here’s a great way of keeping the sense of connection strong amongst your varied teams – instil a strong sense of Giving and pride amongst everybody in your team no matter where they’re located. Better yet, organise a mass team bonding event that transcends boundaries; Such as Catalyst’s Global Go Give treasure hunt that saw Catalyst partners from around the world simultaneously participating in team building events that give back.

Please share your ideas and suggestions below in the comments section, or send them to [email protected] Make sure to check back for more ideas of how to integrate B1G1 into your business!

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