Impact Lives. Transform Your Business.



More than ever before, business owners around the world are looking for ways to make their businesses matter more – to positively impact our world.

Yet it can be overwhelming to figure out how to do that: how to make your business sustainable so that you can give, where to start, how to find the time to do it and how to measure the impact…

And that’s why we are offering you a tailored Giving Plan — get started and unlock the potential of your B1G1 membership today.

All it takes is you answering 6 simple questions about your organisation and about the real ‘outcome’ you’d like from your business giving. It takes just 3 minutes.



You’ll find that the tailored-to-you plan we prepare uniquely for you helps you avoid the traps that many businesses fall into. Your B1G1 Giving Plan opens up totally new perspectives and insights for you.


You’ll enjoy…

– Personalised tips to make your giving easier than ever

– Discovering high-impact projects that really make a difference

– Seeing new ways to link social impact authentically to your business objectives

– Optionally, a one-to-one walkthrough of your very own Giving Plan with the B1G1 team


You’ll see how you can be not just giving but how your business can easily become a seriously powerful force for good.

You’ll be amazed how simple it is. It puts ‘making a difference’ in a brand new light.

And it takes just 3 minutes to set it in motion.

About B1G1

B1G1 is the global business giving initiative that makes it meaningful, powerful and deeply connecting for businesses to give. With 10 years of continuous innovation powering the Business for Good movement, we’ve made more than 140 million giving impacts in the world together with the businesses who proudly belong to it.

If you can’t wait to get your Giving Plan (it does take just a little time — computers don’t do it for you — humans do) but feel you’d love to join the movement right now, you can do that right here too.