Ways to dramatically multiply the impact of giving a ‘thank you’ and receiving one

Showing appreciation with B1G1 Gratitude Certificates


Gratitude Certificates in B1G1 are either emails or letters that you can send out to your customers, business partners, employees, your family or whoever else you would like to thank. If you haven’t, watch this really quick video tutorial to get started. You can access them in your B1G1 account here too.

You will see that you can choose between print versions and email versions which you can adapt your approach to your target audience. Of course, emails are the most common form of communication so using an email Gratitude Certificate is sure to stand out AND put a smile on someone’s face. But going one step further and sending something more tangible could really distinguish you from others.

For example, we frequently hear of cases where Gratitude Certificates found their way in a frame and now hang proudly on someone’s wall.

So … to inspire you even more, we collected a number of really great Gratitude Certificates used by B1G1 Members for you right here.

Other B1G1 ways of showing appreciation


There are so many different ways of saying thank you. Some of our B1G1 members are quite creative in their approach and we would like to share their ideas with you. We hope they will inspire you to find your very own way of showing gratitude that fits perfectly with your business.

Personalised email

Above and in our video tutorial you already saw that you can easily create Gratitude Certificates in B1G1 but maybe you would like to try a different approach and set up an entirely personal email that perfectly blends in with the communication of your business.

Why not connect it with a special holiday in your country or with the birthday of your customer? Many of our members choose that way. Take a look.

Including Gratitude in Other Communication

Sometimes, you might feel that you’re overwhelming peopl­­­e with gratitude. So you’ll be interested to see how some of our members deal with this in a very creative and efficient way – connecting a communication they send with showing how grateful they are. This could be a follow-up email after an event or even an invoice. Just check out these lovely examples.

Disclaimer, Poster, Banner… You name it

You have a store, a bar, a café, you host events or you attend fairs regularly? Your options are literally limitless.

Just share your joy of giving right at the moment someone supports your giving.

Email Footer that stands out

Email footers are GREAT places (and surprising places too) to express gratitude. So consider the impact you make by adding one of your Giving Stories to your email footer.

Tagging your products with gratitude

One simply amazing way of saying thank you comes from a member in the wine retail business. They designed special tags for their wine bottles to thank their customers right the instant they receive their product. Sounds like a win(e) win for everyone.

The power of business cards

All of us have a stack of business cards in one cupboard or the other — people you’ve done business with, people you met on events or people you’ve simply had a great chat with. The moment of exchanging business cards is an important one. So why not use it to let something great happen in the world.

Some of our members printed the B1G1 logo on the back of their business cards together with their mission statement or their vision of giving. Some even choose to combine it with their Giving Story. An example could be that for every business card you receive, a child gets access to a bicycle for one day.

Right away, exchanging business cards is even more important because you share you share the joy of giving. It could even be a great conversation starter and form an instant connection.

Gratitude Award

“And the winner is… YOU! Simply because you helped making an impact!” What a powerful message – check out some of the creative awards here.

I wonder what your award could be called.

Send a personal social media message

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – no matter which social media platform you use to connect with your contacts, why not drop them a short message after they just helped you making a great impact through giving.

Add a picture, a GIF, a small boomerang video or another one of the numerous options to just let the other person know how much appreciate them. Such small gestures can go a long way.

You can even combine your Giving Stories with this approach. For every new LinkedIn connection, something great happens in the world – what a great start of a connection.

We hope this has helped you find some inspiration. If you are ready, create your very own Gratitude Certificate – may it be an email, a video or a letter – and share it with us and the B1G1 community either via Facebook or by sending us an email to [email protected].

We’re already looking forward to it.

And before we forget, thank you so much for being part of B1G1 and for taking the time to read this.

Show your appreciation with the Gratitude Certificate

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