Our Milestones


Connecting smiles from around the world

Thank you for submitting your smiles to add to this fantastic collage of positive impacts by the B1G1 community!


60 million impacts

Yes, you’ve helped create 60 million positive differences around the world. Now, 100 million is not too far!

The Study Tour to India

We had an incredible 5 days visiting 5 very different projects. The highlight was to install an e-Learning facility in a tribal village school.


50 million Impacts

The B1G1 Community had collectively achieved the 50 million giving impacts milestone in September 2014!


Shake The World App Launch

What if every time we had a drink and shook a phone a child received access to water? We made it work.

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The Second Study Tour to Cambodia

On this tour, we’ve seen the further development of the projects. We also built another playground for a more remove village school.


B1G1 Study Tour to Cambodia

Building a Play Ground for 200+ children on the 3rd B1G1 Study Tour.


6th Anniversary: Joy of Giving Week

We pumped a balloon for every giving done during the week. And as a result, our office was full of blue balloons!


Business for Good Branding Launch

We launched a new collective branding. Now every business can become a Business for Good.


20 Million Impacts. 800 Business Partners.

We’ve seen the start of accelerating growth of the initiative. We had reached 20 million impacts. And our 800th Partner joined in 2012.

Study Tour to Borneo & Bali

We’ve visited the rainforest to meet the Orangutans and learned the devastation of the Palm Oil plantations and what we can do about it.


Giving Life Launched

Giving Life allows everyone to create own Giving Journal by linking what we enjoy doing with impactful giving activities.


The Launch of B1G1

B1G1 was launched in 2007 when a group of business owners realised that if giving was made easy and effective, many other business owners would also want to give back.

B1G1 Giving Board Established

The B1G1 Giving Board was first formed in 2009 to independently monitor the integrity of the Worthy Cause Projects and the assessment processes.

Study Tour to Kenya

We’ve visited projects in Kenya and delivered 200 goats to a village women’s group on a the very first Study Tour in 2011

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