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Now Google Maps show B1G1 Giving in a Fascinating Way

Universally it’s a wow!

People who’ve seen it simply express it that way. And the word ‘Awesome’ is a close second. (Someone just said: “It’s not very often I’m speechless!“)

Now you can experience it yourself first by clicking on the video below.


And…. don’t spoil it. Only once you’ve watched the video go here: www.businessesforgood.com and you can experience it yourself.

Of course, if you’re already a B1G1 Partner, then you’ll key in your name in the search box, click your ‘blue pin’ and be (we hope!) amazed by the impact you’re creating.

And if you’re not yet a part of B1G1, then it’s so easy for you to change that.

Just go here and follow the prompts OR if you’d prefer just to jump on and join us without seeing any more, just jump right here.

And then, you’ll get your very own map!

About Paul Dunn

Paul is the cheerleader at B1G1 and a hugely respected and admired business leader too. He’s a 4-times TEDx speaker and he frequently travels around the world inspiring businesses with B1G1 and his amazing business insights.