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RJS Accounting – Getting the Inspiration to Give

rjs_story1If you were at the Proactive Accountant Network conference on Hamilton Island in 2012, you may have noticed the lady in the fourth row smacking herself on the forehead. That was Kylie Anderson, the Director of RJS Accounting Services in Queensland, Australia.

She was listening to Paul Dunn speak at the conference. He’s the Chairman of Buy1GIVE1, and Kylie was figuratively kicking herself because “I realised I’d actually been on the B1G1 website recently to see how we could get one of the charities I’m involved in listed as a B1G1 cause!”

“I didn’t even consider it from my business point of view, as I had my ‘charity hat’ on at the time,” she smiles, “Well, that’s the only excuse I can come up with anyways. As soon as Paul finished talking I signed up as a Lifetime Partner.”

rjs_story2Now her colleagues at RJS Accounting take turns selecting the B1G1 causes they’d like to support. “Three of my team choose their causes one month, and the next month the other three choose,” she said. “I then take a percentage of our monthly turnover and divide it by their choices. Some of them select only one cause, others more, depending on what they’re passionate about.”

The RJS accountants are involving their clients more in the selection process too.

“Clients at this stage have a say in it, and in fact are now quite involved in choosing worthy causes,” Kylie told us. “The B1G1 logo appears on everything we do, and we held a seminar with Paul Dunn on the Coast where many of our clients AND non-clients chose to become B1G1 Partners too. One told me ‘you knew what I was looking for Kylie’… and that felt GREAT!”

“I am SO pleased with our involvement. It gives me enormous pleasure at the beginning of each month to make the contributions – and it is VERY interesting for me to see which causes the team selects! It’s a very diverse list that they’ve chosen so far – there’s no following them!”

RJS Accounting Giving Impact to Date

rjs_story3We’re about to wrap up the interview when Kylie Anderson had one last thought: “It’s my ultimate goal, very long term, that our client base is full of B1G1 partners. They are obviously the sort of clients we’d love to work with, with the same mindset of helping the world become a better place, as they go about building their businesses.”

And when those clients at RJS Accounting Services do come on board, they might just give their head of slap because, like Kylie, they didn’t do it sooner!

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