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VLS-img“We first introduced B1G1 to our firm as a whole at a large company meeting. We showed some B1G1 videos and gave each employee a Certificate of Appreciation indicating our contributions to various causes, in honour of our valued employees.

The excitement was truly tangible. And now, we’re sharing our excitement with our clients as well.”

Linda Saddlemire

Co-Managing Partner, Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman LLP

Cafe Owner

Cafe-owner“It’s a perfect fit with our vision.

B1G1 makes the giving process simple and pleasurable.
It also involves everyone from the café to the customer.

People can enjoy dining at Una Vita knowing that with each sip and each bite, they’re helping people and communities locally and across the other side of the world. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Bruce Sullivan

Owner, Una Vita Cafe


Coach“Phew!!! B1G1 has taken a weight off our shoulders.

For many years we have been giving from our business to further its impact but it has been hit-and-miss at best.

Thank you B1G1 for giving us a structure to work with that makes it so easy to achieve our goal “to be generous on every occasion” and it makes us and our clients feel great!”

Lyndon and Kerrie Phipps

CEO, Create The Life Club


Dentist“Every day we have the opportunity to make a positive impact — no matter how great or how small.

When we give the patient the B1G1 certificate and explain the process, everyone says “wow”.

For us, it’s all part of creating the kind of world we want to live in.”

Dr. Nadim Majid

Lifestyle Dental


Retailer“Every item purchased at KOBOMO impacts the lives of disadvantaged people in the world.

I had never imagined I would be operating a business that could change people’s lives.

We’re making a real difference in our world by just doing what we normally do. It’s a transforming experience.”

Karen Ormerod


Real Estate Agent

Real-estate-agent“We chose to get involved with B1G1 because as a company we wanted to make a difference.

Micro-giving with B1G1 gives us a lot of options to choose from and it lets us make giving a real habit.

B1G1 really stands out to us because 100% of what we give goes towards the projects we choose.”

Cynda Searl

Director, PRDnationwide Toowong


Engineer“The organizations B1G1 chooses seem to be able to do so much with the little that they’re given.

In order to leverage our giving, we tend to choose projects that align with our core values such as training and education which allow people to develop skills that they can use to improve their lives.

And I’m always inspired by what regular giving can achieve.”

Tin Hua

TNN Engineering


Consultant“B1G1 is so easy. I jump online and align my client transactions with a particular project.

The way we give through B1G1 enables us to connect with clients in ways that simply were not possible before. B1G1 changes everything for us.”

Craig Michael O'Sullivan

CEO, Black Belt Business


Garderner“We set goals for the company and we encourage our staff to set goals in their lives.

We got involved in B1G1 because one of our company’s core values is to give back to the community, and B1G1 fits in well with that philosophy.”

Bryce Robb

Beaver Trees Landscaping


Entertainment“What an ingenious way of distributing resources to where they need to be, giving people and businesses the gift of giving, and adding value to organizations along the way.

We have already made 160,000 giving activities through B1G1 transforming lives.

It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Ben Baker

Director, Laserzone

Travel Agent

“Giving through B1G1 allows us to offset air travel carbon by growing trees and saving rainforest. And now it’s grown exponentially into other areas such as education and health.

B1G1 has inspired and motivated our team and our customers.”

Raymond McLennan

CEO, Morningside Travel


Printer“The fact that relatively small giving can make such a huge impact is a fantastic concept.

For every printing job we do, we impact lives through B1G1 by providing people with clean water, building shelters and showing poor farmers how to grow food properly.

It’s great to be making a big difference in a small way.”

Steve Ruston

SR Print Management


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