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Your Feedback and Ideas from the B1G1 Conference 2017

B1G1 sticky notes

B1G1 sticky notes

Thank you for sharing your insights on how we can improve the B1G1 Business for Good initiative!

We’ve compiled all your ideas, and you can see how we’re taking them onboard with you below.

Here are the 4 broad categories that we brainstormed about together.
1. What’s great about being in B1G1?
2. What else can B1G1 create to help us impact?
3. How else can we use B1G1 to grow our business?
4. How else can we better leverage the power of this community?

1. What’s great about being in B1G1?

Your Feedback: You love being in a thriving community, impacting, and making a difference together! You adore that giving is made so easily accessible.

Our Response: We love that you chose to be a part of B1G1, and we are so appreciative. Thank you! We will work hard to strengthen and grow the community in more areas of the world, and focus on developing more features that will make giving easy for businesses.

Some upcoming developments include: SDG breakdowns in your impact history records, allowing you to gift ‘giving credits’, and creating multiple giving campaigns. Stay tuned!

2. What else can B1G1 create (or do better) to help us grow/give/share/impact?

Your Feedback: You told us to…

1. Provide more templates to share the joy of being in the B1G1 Community
2. Produce more stories from Worthy Causes, and ‘How-to’ introductory videos
3. Utilize more social media marketing

Our Response: In corresponding order to the above points…

1. We are expanding the Resources to Share tab in your B1G1 account where you can access all logos, brochures, and more. This will be released in coming weeks. In the meantime, you can use this brochure for easier sharing. In addition, you can be a B1G1 Champion too.
2. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos from Worthy Cause beneficiaries (we post a new story once a month).
3. We also share these videos (of beneficiaries, featured businesses, and events) on our Facebook page so do ‘Like’ us to be kept up to date!

If you are a social media marketing guru and would love to share some social media tips to help grow the B1G1 initiative, please reach out to us at [email protected]

3. How else can we further use B1G1 to grow our business?

Your Feedback: You wanted more opportunities for collaboration within the B1G1 community. You also wanted more videos featuring your business stories that you can share with your customers.

Some interesting ideas suggested by members for members include:

  • Include ‘B1G1 Business for Good’ on your business cards
  • Offer B1G1 to your clients in your B2B membership as part of a promotion
  • Choose a small product to sell online and give to a B1G1 project with each sale

Our Response: We are contemplating building a B1G1 Social-Business Network that you can access from your giving account (it’ll be a HUGE project!) In the meantime, you can find other B1G1 businesses that you might want to work with from different industries and countries through the B1G1 Business Members Directory.

Do also ensure that you’re in our Facebook group — and keep posting and engaging with others in the group! You can also watch this webinar recording where 2 B1G1 members in UK share about how they use B1G1 to make a bigger impact in their business, life, and the world.

If you want your business to be featured by B1G1, or if you would like B1G1 to make a video for your business (to introduce how you give back through B1G1), do reach out to us at [email protected]

Here are also some creative ways that other members integrate B1G1 into their businesses.

4. How else can we better leverage the power of this community?

Your Feedback: You requested for more local/regional networking events. You also suggested a buddy system between existing and new B1G1 members. You reflected that it would be great if B1G1 could do more to help foster these connections.

Our Response: If you’re organizing an event or an informal catch-up, do post them in the Facebook group, or email us at [email protected] so we can invite more members to your event!

B1G1 Singapore Get-together

We understand that the community loves the sense of connection and synergy that you only get when everybody meets together in person – so we’re looking into organising more meet-ups whenever we’re in town!

The Buddy System is something we’re looking to implement together with the current B1G1 Champions.

If you have more interesting ideas and would like to assist the B1G1 team in carrying out these ideas (such as playing host to the next event, or offering your expertise in certain areas), please reach out to us!

4. How else can we better share B1G1 with others to expand the community?

Your Feedback:

  • A ‘B1G1 Movie’ – this is actually in the works, stay tuned and be excited!
  • Share B1G1 posts on social media – There are social share buttons which appear on your giving stories, and after every completed giving, to make it easier for you to share.
  • Create more Giving Campaigns – Here’s a great example!
  • B1G1 gifts for all occasions – Every year-end, we turn the Gratitude Certificates into Christmas cards. If you have more B1G1 gift/product ideas that you would like us to produce, do leave a comment below. 

If you have more ideas and suggestions on how to make B1G1 a greater place for businesses, do let us know by starting a conversation on the official B1G1 Business for Good Community Facebook group, or emailing us at [email protected]

Thank you for being a part of this community, and for the massive impact you’re making, together.