Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing – and it’s just the beginning

B1G1 Study Tour is so special. If you have seen any of the posts, videos and pictures on our Facebook, YouTube or Flickr pages, you can see and feel the joy and inspiration. But these online contents express only a small fraction of what we really learned and experienced by being physically on these tours.

Now, you might think that our Study Tours are only for those fortunate ones that get to take the time away from their businesses. Of course, many of us business owners cannot do that easily. So, we wanted you to know that these Study Tours were actually not just for the people who come on the tours – but for all of us who are part of this giving community.

Let me explain why.

First of all, everyone who has experienced the tours has said that they were totally inspired (and even astonished) by what they saw. They saw how those Worthy Causes we work with were making incredible impacts on the daily basis. And they saw what level of thought, effort and dedication all the team members and volunteers of the Worthy Causes are putting into their activities each and every day to create the change we want to see.

Seriously, when you see it firsthand, you see you really are making a great impact — actually life-changing impacts —  by supporting the projects listed on B1G1. And we really want you to know it.

And because most of the Worthy Causes we choose to work with in B1G1 are small and non-famous ones, you’ve probably never head of their names before. We choose them for the way they work rather than for the charity ‘brand’ they bring to us.

There are also quite large giving components built into the Study Tour packages. It means that each participant is already making significant contributions simply by being on the tour.

Even so, it’s still possible to feel overwhelmed by the challenges that exist. When we visit the projects, we all feel that we’d want to support these great projects much more ourselves. And yet we also know that we individually have limited amount of time, focus and funds we can give and continue to give. We cannot do everything to support every cause in our world as we find more and more great things happening everywhere.

But our tours are always uplifting and empowering for all of the participants (and never sad or frustrating). This is because we know that our visits to these projects are part of the giving movement we are creating and building together – with you and with all other businesses that really get the idea that we all have the power to make a difference. We are not doing this alone.

If you are giving through B1G1 as a business, you will start to see the new updates for some of the projects you are supporting on your Giving History Page from now on. We will also add some pictures you can access when you are communicating your giving activities with others. You can let us know if there are other things you want to see in B1G1 too.

We hope you’ll get to join the B1G1 Study Tour at least once in your lifetime (but once you come on one, it will get addictive as the past participants say).

It really is a life-changing experience.

And having you in the group will make the tour even more life-changing for everyone else too!