Seeing the light in 15 minutes

Seeing the light in 15 minutes

Everyday in our lives, we and our bodies conduct hundreds (and possibly thousands) of activities both consciously and unconsciously by using our senses — seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling. And they say that vision (seeing) is our most dominant sense.

To experience the real significance of seeing, you can try one of these:

• Go to a local shop blind-folded (not recommended to do this alone — especially if you drive!)
• Eat a meal with your eyes closed
• Or, do any one thing you do everyday with your eyes shut

You’d probably noticed that simple things we normally do very easily could take so much more time and effort without the aid of our sight. Some of the things would be impossible for you to do.

In July 2012, a group of B1G1 Members/Partners went to Bali, Indonesia to visit one of the B1G1 Worthy Cause Projects to get a first-hand look at how the ability to see clearly changes people’s lives.

And on this particular day, 500 lives got impacted. Profoundly.

The best way for you to experience it is by watching the video right here.



We believe that giving through B1G1 has a significant side effect as well as the powerful direct impact. And it’s not the increased sales or attraction for the businesses that are giving (even though it’s nice to hear those testimonials too).

In general, people often see giving as a way to help the ‘poor’ or ‘needy’. But the truth is that one of the greatest things we accomplish through giving is the gratitude and deep sense of connection we obtain through caring and sharing.

When we saw people’s lives really transform in front of our own eyes in just 15 minutes, we were moved. And we all went home feeling more grateful and fulfilled.

So a trip that was intended to help people impact lives of others became the trip that changed our own lives. It’s a real WIN-WIN!

And we hope you’ll join us on the next tour and experience similar feelings too!


Life changing projects:

Give an implant lens 
Give a cataract operation