Enhanced Giving Impact

See and feel the real impact

One of the most game-changing aspects of the B1G1 Giving Engine is having the enhanced giving tools that help you see the totality of the impact you're having. 

Your Direct Giving Impact (DGI) means the specific giving impact YOU create - not just the dollar amount but the real tangible impact being created through your own B1G1 giving. Your Business Member's account displays your giving impact fully so that you can really feel, monitor and be inspired by the contribution your company is making.


How your giving continues to impact forever

As a B1G1 Partner or Lifetime Partner, you're able to spread and multiply your impact in multiple dimensions.

The image below shows you the mechanism of your Leveraged Giving Impact (LGI).

This is how you get to experience all the giving that happens through your own capacity to influence others. And you get to see it and feel it live on your giving account. It truly reflects your giving 'legacy' through B1G1. See an example here.

Start inviting others now and make a greater impact.